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Food Drink Magazine Issue 16 November 2021

Food Drink Magazine Issue 16 November 2021

Greetings to you all food lovers around the globe

Food is one of the most popular and growing areas of franchising which makes up estimated 36% of the total franchising market in the USA. There is very wide umbrella covering franchising in food industry from vending machines to well known fast food and coffee chains.

It seems very feasible and lucrative business from outside but I have to warn you that are not what you think.

Firstly, we are talking about very costly investments. The cost of franchising starts around $30000 and goes up to very high numbers. So before thinking about starting franchising, you need to ask certain questions to yourself starting with IS IT REALLY WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR?

Secondly, it is not a good option someone passionate about their own creations as you need to stick with their establishment. But it might be an advantage for someone who wants to focus on management and selling part of the business as they do not need to worry about creating the menu, getting supplies and so on.

In contrary, people love to eat the food they know and familiar with. In this aspect, very well known franchising option could turn your business in very positive direction. 

But do not worry about them all, because you landed in the right place.

In this months issue you will find very useful articles to enlighten your curiosity and answer your questions all about franchising. We will be talking about different franchising opportunities and the list of restaurants including Far East and Italian restaurants.

Additionally there will be some more articles that are giving very good information about advantages and disadvantages of franchising, a step-by-step guidance of starting/purchasing a restaurant franchise alongside of success stories.

I am very much excited about this months issue and hoping you will share the same feelings with me. Lets read then shall we?

                                                                                                       GULCAN GOK TUZCU

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Franchising in the Catering Industry, What About the Pizza Chain Pieology?,The Rise of the Chain Restaurant, CULVER’S Has a Few Secrets Under Its Sleeve, TOP 10 The Best Restaurant Franchise Opportunities, Are You Interested in Purchasing a Restaurant Franchise in 2022?, COFFEE The Other Drinking Scene Of NJ, TOP 10 Popular Italian restaurant and best franchise opportunity are this month’s topics.


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Food Drink Magazine Issue 16 November 2021

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