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Food Drink Magazine Issue 17 December 2021

Food Drink Magazine Issue 17 December 2021

Greetings to you all food lovers.

As we approach the end of 2021, we are very excited to publish our latest issue of the year. What we are discussing in this issue will be the summary of NOT 2021 but will be 2020 and 2021 assessment of the food and drink industry overall.

It was one heck of two years in every aspect. We learnt new way of living, eating, meeting, celebrating, sharing, and above of all surviving. Over the period of two years, the food industry has been greatly affected and suffered by global pandemic of COVID-19. Many restaurants, coffee shops and other small businesses had to close their doors and sadly they furloughed their staff.

One thing we did not give up was a good food and accompanying drink in these difficult times. All of the restrictions are easing off as the number of vaccinated people increasing. We all are hoping that all will go back to where it was before soon.

Lets talk about something bit more exciting. 5th The Best Chef awards have been announced this year. Last year it was held virtually but this year they are back on the stage. So not all are negative going on in the food industry. Many talented and inspiring chefs presented their skills in Amsterdam. You will find more about them in one of our articles. 

Well well, what a great time to finish the year. All the magic of holiday season is around us and I am very optimistic that 2022 will bring all the fun and great beginnings to us all.

Drinking my mulled wine, eating my mince pie and cheering to you all food lovers. Enjoy reading our December issue. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all. 


You can reach our Digital Magazine at and–Beverage/All-Issues.

Food Drink Magazine Issue 17 December 2021

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