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Italian cuisine leaves few indifferent. A huge number of Italian dishes have become beloved all over the world. So, for example, pizza is considered a cult food in most of Europe, North and South America, Russia. In Italy itself, food is considered something more than in other countries. Moreover, food festivals are regularly held here, at least one self-respecting gourmet should visit at least one of them.

And today we will talk about the real, beloved and favoured by gourmets of the whole world Meat.

A big request to keep vegetarians away from the screens.

And we are starting! Enjoy it!

Italy was a world leader in meat preservation technologies since the time of the Roman Empire. Salting, smoking and sun drying through the ages was kept to the present day. Pork is the most common type of meat in the republic. Nevertheless, they cook beef, wild boars and even venison. Great importance in this art is given to spices. As a rule, the smoked meat of the Italian south are more piquant than the products of the northern regions of the country.

But not only meat is favoured by Italians. Lots of people line up to try freshly prepared fish with French fries and onion rings. This is a rare delicacy!

Meat in Italy is an environmentally friendly product. Furthermore, they cut up the beef right before your eyes.

Italian cuisine is opening up for us a Bresaola, Coppa, Capocollo, Capicollo, Ventricina and more than 50 varieties and hundreds of recipes for sausages, salami, meat.  That’s how real meat sausages are cooked in Italy! There is no doubt about the quality of the product! Indeed, for their preparation, they use only ecologically clean meat  of cattle that grew with care and love.

Salty and smelling, soft and hard, from cow’s or sheep’s milk, Italy produces almost 600 varieties of cheese. But you should definitely try the traditional Italian blue cheese, which is known all over the world!

Italy produces about 1 million tons of cheese annually, second only to France and Germany in this indicator in Europe; And the average Italian eats 21.5 kilograms of cheese per year, according to this indicator they occupy the 9th place in the world;

Impossible to imagine, but there was a time when poor Italians had to sail to America to escape from hunger and eat. Times have changed. And now, many of us should visit Italy in order to fully enjoy the taste of true meat delicacies.

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