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Food Gift Sets

Perfect gift options for anyone on your list (or the ones you maybe forgot about)

This year is probably one of the first years in a while that we have gifts for individual people in our families. For the last three or so years, we have made family gifts for each of the individual families in our lives rather than gifts for each individual person. Why? Well, the answer is simple. Our funds are low and we simply cannot afford to purchase a gift for everyone. Besides, homemade gifts are better in my opinion!

Anyways, this year I managed to get each person a little something and still make a homemade gift for each family. This year I am making homemade cookies and using large decorated mason jars to both store them and “wrap” the cookies. I think food makes great gifts so I often will make homemade food gifts such as this for various occasions. Another great food gift idea (in case you aren’t much of a baker) are the prepackaged food gift sets that are sold in stores across the country!

Food Gift Sets

Planters mixed nut sets

This is actually a great gift for the men in your family that can be difficult to buy for! In fact, I bought Planters mixed but sets for all of the dad’s on my list because let’s face it dad’s can be hard to buy for, they may not actually need anything and most of them love mixed nuts.

While shopping, I found two different mixed but sets made by Planters. The first is a gift set of three separate jars of nuts rather than having the nuts mixed in the same container.

The second type of Planters gift sets that I found was a more expensive set but it comes as a single container of mixed nuts and it includes pistachios (a more expensive nut).

Charcuterie board sets

Food Gift Sets

This option is great if you need a party host gift! Some gift sets may include everything from the meats and cheeses to the board itself! Or, you can buy each item separately and wrap it yourself. This option is great if your hostess is particular about the meats and cheeses he or she serves and it also allows you to choose (and possibly personalize) the board!

Food Gift Sets

Mug and Beverage sets

These sets are often name brand items such as Starbucks for coffee bean and mug sets or Swiss Miss for hot chocolate mix and mug sets. Both are great options for women that may be hard to shop for or anyone that loves warm beverages! Pair these gift sets with a pair of fuzzy socks to really take them to the next level!

Food Gift Sets

Homemade food gift sets

As I mentioned earlier in the article, my family and I like to make homemade gifts to share with the other families in our lives. One year I knitted every single person on our Christmas list a scarf with knitted pockets! For our son’s first Christmas, we bought dinner plates with Christmas holly painted on the edges. Then my husband painted his hand green, I painted my hand red and we painted our son’s hand white. We then stamped our hands onto the plates and dated them. I then used these plates to hold my homemade cookies, donuts, and fudge that I had made for everyone to share! Gifts such as these may take a lot of time and effort to make but they mean so much more to those receiving them!

So, whether you’re stumped on a gift for someone on your list or you’re looking to give something homemade, food gift sets are a great option!

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Bailey Woodean
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