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Foods to keep your skin healthy and glowing for the winter

Whether we are ready or not, winter is coming! So, we might as well take some steps to get ready for this chilly season as much as possible. One way to begin your wintertime prep is by adjusting your diet to include skin-healthy foods. By doing so, your skin is going to retain its healthy, glowing summer character rather than turning dull and dry. Through my research, I have found many skin healthy food options. The five listed below are my top picks!

Foods to keep your skin healthy

Green Vegetables


It should come as no surprise that adding dark green leafy vegetables to your diet is a beneficial choice in numerous aspects of a person’s diet. As far as your skin is concerned, dark green leafy vegetables provide free-radical fighters. These vegetables include kate, arugula, and spinach. They also provide a great deal of support for healthy I’m in, primarily the thin skin around the eyes.


Broccoli is another green vegetable that is beneficial to the skin. Broccoli is full of zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and most importantly, lutein. This is a vital component in protecting the skin from the damage that winter can cause and help prevent dry, wrinkled skin.



More specifically, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Blueberries, in particular, are special in that they have vascular constricting abilities which help reduce redness of the skin that is often caused by the harsh winter air. All three berries, however, have skin benefits including being sources of antioxidants which are well-known for protecting the skin from sun damage. You may be wondering why this matters during the winter. The answer is that the sun can still cause damage to the skin during the winter months and therefore it still needs protecting!Green tea

green tea

Green tea is popularly found in other products aside from tea bags. Most of these products are found in the skincare aisle at the store, and for good reason! Green tea is intensely beneficial to a person’s health in so many ways. Containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties make green tea very good at protecting the skin from acne and even skin infections. It may even contain anti-cancer properties which decrease the risk of cancerous changes to the skin. 



Carrots are often revered for their benefits for eye health. Which they should be! Although, they are also extremely beneficial to skin health! Carrots contain beta carotene which becomes vitamin A once inside the body. This is what gives carrots their skin protecting abilities as well as the ability to help repair skin tissues. In addition, carrots also have vitamin C which increases their healing properties. It is said that carrot juice may help improve various skin rashes such as psoriasis. 

Olive oil

Olive Oil

This may be a more unexpected food in reference to benefiting skin health. But, it’s a good one. Olive oil contains antioxidant properties and will reduce the signs of early aging on the skin. Also, when applied topically to the skin it can be used as a cancer fighter after intense sun exposure. Finally, olive oil can also be applied to the skin to improve its texture (making it more smooth and soft) and can also improve any damage done by the harsh elements from the winter. 

An added bonus!

Water should be considered the most beneficial part of anyone’s diet. Water is excellent at aiding in digestion and helping to flush toxins out of the body. By removing these toxins from the body, many things about the body will begin improving such as complexion. It is imperative that water is consumed each day and in the appropriate quantity. 


Keeping one’s skin healthy and glowing through each change in the seasons and weather can be frustrating and difficult. Hopefully, by following the above recommendations your skin will be able to combat any damage this winter tries to throw its way!

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Bailey Woodean
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