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Have you ever tried to eat with a personal chef on a cozy place? You can have a home-cooked dining experience with a personal chef and explore the world like a local! The chefs will welcome you in their home and share with you top tips for discovering their food, stories, culture and of course the world! You can also get a 2-3 hour culinary experience where you will learn how to prepare typical dishes with local food and get all the secret tips.

In this experience, you can take a tour of your chefs’ favorite dining places, which can include gourmet shops, local markets, craft stalls and other special places your host will share with you. You will have the opportunity to chat with artisans, eat local food and taste local specialties and get to know your passionate chefs.

Are you ready to meet one of the most talented personal chefs on New York? Here is Giuseppe Amato.  If you like Italian food culture and cozy home atmosphere, need to see this interview.  

Giuseppe Amato

We asked Giuseppe Amato

Can you give some information about yourself? 


My name is Giuseppe, an Architect by profession, and Personal Chef by passion.  I was born and raised in Afragola, this little town outside Naples, named after the “Strawberry” and I currently live in a city everyone calls the “Big Apples”. It’s all about the food here!   

Back in Naples, I grew up in a family where everyone was cooking, grandparents, mom, and aunts, and this inevitably inspired me and motivated me to love food, cooking, simple ingredients, and continue my family legacy. Cooking is an act of love and thru I have always wanted to bring and share a message of love and authenticity.  

After 15 years in the Design Industry, 3 years ago I have started exploring the Food Industry professionally and founded my brand Amato Cibo which is in Italian means “beloved food” and Amato is my family name also!  I see my brand as a sensory journey to Italy thru memories, flavors, and anecdotes.  

Thru a social dining experience, private cheffing, cooking classes, food style, and a personal blog I have able to be true to my origins first and then gained a lot of interest and expanded my networking.   

I pride myself to be featured by several digital platforms that channel and offer Food Experiences all over the world. It almost became my only source of commitment and inspiration and I guess I will be devoting my career to it.


How did you decided to go to Italy to USA?  

Living in New York has always been the biggest aspiration of my life. New York was a forbidden dream for me! It is such a vibrant and exciting place, also so young and reckless.  So, when my partner at the time was been transferred to NY from Italy for work, we both couldn’t refuse … and the rest is history. 

How did you begin that kind of unusual job? Where this idea came from? 

I am an architect and interior designer by profession, but cooking is definitely my calling. When I realized authentic Italian food was hard to find in the US, especially from the south of Italy, I became inspired to share my family’s recipe with others. Cooking helped me maintain my Italian roots despite the distance from home. 

Cooking comes so easy and natural to me; it is something innate that I cannot control. 

I started hosting dinner with strangers in New York using a social dining experience app on which people can book a seat at my table, come over, enjoy a homemade meal that comes with so much culture and soul, and make connections.   

Sometimes talking with a stranger over a meal is the most intimate thing you could do. There is no judgment, no barriers; just openness.   

img 7570

Do you have any favorite recipe on your menu? 

I have quite a few favorites dishes, but If I have to mention one, it would be Neapolitan ragù! It’s a slow-cooked tomato sauce with different kind meat, simmered for hours until it gets a rich texture, string flavor, and earthiness. It’s a recipe passed for generations in our families in Naples. 

What was the most interesting memory for you in this journey? 

The most interesting memory in this journey is a little curious kid I used to be, working with my grandpa Pasquale’s orchard, and harvesting with him fresh ingredients. 

img 8558 3

How Amato Cibo Works? 

Amato Cibo, which in Italian literally means “beloved food” is an intimate and sensory journey to motherland, Italy, and down deep Naples, to my childhood made of simple ingredients, stand out flavors, and vivid memories. All I love about food given to my guests, and customers. 

How the Covid-19 process affects your job? 

COVID affected my cooking because I’m turning a big passion for a real profession and devotion. 

With this method you can explore thousands of delicious food around the world. You just need to find the social eating experience that is right for you on proper destination. Then we’re sure you’ll find the perfect food experience. Your personal chef is waiting to meet you and share their food story with you.

If you want to learn more about Amato, please visit  

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