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Good Luck – Rochester, NY

With good luck comes good feelings… and even better food. This trendy, unique, and incredibly versatile restaurant has something most places don’t: they make their plates for sharing. Every meal ordered comes cut into pieces, making it super easy to try your mom’s brioche-crusted pan-fried cod that you weren’t so sure about.

Good Luck

Serving their meals this way not only makes the inevitable sharing so much easier, but it also encourages people to branch out and try new things. Because let’s face it, you wouldn’t order an entire meal of squid ink calamaratta if you weren’t sure you’d like it. This way, if you don’t like something, somebody else will eat it. Sharing portions make this restaurant much more inviting to groups looking for a fun Friday night (or, really, any night of the week).

Good Luck – Rochester, NY

So please, tell me that my brother doesn’t look like the happiest human being on this very earth. With that burger in his hand, he’s got everything he could ever want, his world is complete, and he feels nothing but that smile on his face.

Of course, this fourteen-year-old’s ambition drove him against the restaurant’s sharing norms, staking the entire burger for himself. (Disclaimer: he could hardly finish half of it!)

That one pound, house-ground, grass-fed local beef, on a brioche bun with cuba cheddar, served with vegetable slaw and a heaping mountain of fries is known as the “Good Luck burger.” It comes cut into quarters on a wood platter, served with perfectly crispy fries piled up in the middle. (I took a handful from his plate, and he didn’t even notice.)

The Good Luck burger is really unlike any other burger I’ve ever had. The freshness of the beef mixed with the slight sweetness of the (also very fresh) brioche bun mixes together like what you’d imagine the best burger-bun combo to be, because the bun is just as important as the meat in between it.

Don’t want a full burger? Just eat a quarter of it! It’ll satisfy your craving and leave you room to try other things; you really can’t go wrong.

Good Luck – Rochester, NY

I know I put in another picture of the infamous Good Luck burger, because how could I resist, but listen to the other three of Good Luck’s most popular entrées…

  • Fried Half Chicken – with orzo, pickled zucchini, summer squash & red onion
  • Grilled 32oz Bone-in Ribeye Steak – with rosemary, sea salt, olive oil, & a side of market vegetable
  • From the Smokehouse – chicken thigh, kielbasa & pork ribs with BBQ beans and house pickles

… And those are just the meals in the “popular” box at the bottom of the menu page. Anything that is ordered is going to be beyond properly prepared, and placed on a plate in a very aesthetically pleasing fashion. For example, you can’t tell me that the picture on the right doesn’t make you want to grab a fry.

Everything can and will be cooked to your order, substitutions can be made, and additions can be added. A great staff adds to the inviting, easygoing, and upbeat atmosphere of this place, making it hard to sit down without a smile.

Good Luck is an incredibly trendy restaurant in the humble city of Rochester, New York. Having grown up in the area, I’ve been to a lot of restaurants around there, and Good Luck is my favorite dinner destination. If I ever have friends visiting from out of town, I bring them here. The great atmosphere, music, and even better food makes it the place to boast about. And really, the only way you’d be able to find a favorite entrée would be if you were to only try one.

address50 Anderson Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607, United States
telephone+1 585-340-6161

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