Sunday, June 4, 2023

Grüvi Adds Bubbly Rosé to Lineup of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Denver, CO — Grüvi, a leader in creating alcohol-free beverages, announced today the newest addition to their non-alcoholic beverage line — Grüvi Rose — a bubbly, alcohol-free wine. Grüvi Rose is now available for purchase online and in select retail stores in Colorado, Michigan, and Ontario.

“After seeing the amazing response to our Dry Secco, we knew we wanted to keep innovating within the wine space and create more options for those looking for a true 0.0% alcoholic beverage. And, who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of rosé?” said Niki Sawni, Founder of Grüvi.

Bubbly Rosé

Grüvi Rosé is fruity on the nose and pours a light pink hue. Tiny, effervescent bubbles compliment notes of tart, green apple alongside fresh strawberry. This refreshing, dry wine is gluten-free, alcohol-free, and only 60 calories per bottle thanks to no added sugars or sulfites.

“Most NA wines are dealcoholized after they’ve been fully fermented, which leaves trace amounts of alcohol. At Grüvi, we work from the ground up to mimic flavors we are looking for to create a 0.0% version,” said Sawni. “For us, it was key to make sure this Rosé wasn’t overly sweet, as that has been the biggest complaint on the market regarding NA wines. We aimed to create a tart, dry but still fruity rosé, and we achieved just that.”

To prep for Sober October, consumers can purchase a Grüvi Rose 4-pack of 275ml bottles for $14.99, the perfect size for sipping on without losing the flavor or carbonation that can happen with full-sized bottles. Grüvi delivers directly to your front door, in addition to buying and enjoying Grüvi at the growing list of stores in Colorado, Michigan, and Toronto. For Canadians, Grüvi now delivers with and Cocktail Emporium.


To learn more and to order Grüvi today, please visit To join the sober curious conversation, follow Gruvi on Instagram @getgruvi.

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