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Grüvi, a leader in creating alcohol-free beverages, announced today the launch of their new collaboration program. The goal of the initiative is to bring more amazing alcohol-free options to consumers. Gruvi has spent the last several years working on developing great non-alcoholic products and wanted to partner with local breweries to develop great non-alcoholic products of their best selling alcoholic beers. 

To kick off the program, Gruvi is launching a limited edition non-alcoholic Peach Pie Ale in Partnership with Rocky Mountain Brewery, a top-rated brewery located in Colorado known for its gold-medal-winning fruit beer. Grüvi’s Peach Pie Ale is now available for purchase online. 

Grüvi Peach Pie Ale
Grüvi Peach Pie Ale

“Grüvi is teaming up with the best brewers around the country to create non-alcoholic versions of their most popular beers, starting with Rocky Mountain Brewery. We wanted this collaboration series to push the boundaries for new and unique NA beers that have never been brewed before” said Niki Sawni, Founder of Gruvi.

Grüvi’s Peach Pie Ale starts off with notes of warmly spiced peaches and just the right amount of sweetness.

Grüvi’s Peach Pie Ale starts off with notes of warmly spiced peaches and just the right amount of sweetness. Each sip ends with notes of vanilla and cream, leaving notes of buttery crust that truly feels like you just had a bite out of a freshly baked pie. Top each beer with whipped cream for a truly unique treat. 

“I was originally surprised at how delicious the Gruvi beverages were,” said Nick Hilborn, Head Brewmaster at Rocky Mountain Brewery. “Non-alcoholic beverages are difficult to perfect, and I wanted to test my ability to be able to make a great NA beer. We accepted the challenge to replicate our award-winning Peach Pie Ale, and crafted the perfect non-alcoholic version.” 

Grüvi’s Peach Pie Ale is 100% alcohol-free. Spearheaded by Hilborn, the Rocky Mountain Brewery team decided to replicate the final product of beer sans alcohol. Carefully examining all the components that make up a good beer, the team found clever ways to get the same components found in their original Peach Pie Ale all back in place without needing yeast or fermentation. 

Want to try for yourself? Consumers can purchase a Peach Pie Ale 4-pack of 12oz cans for $9.99 directly on Gruvi’s website

To learn more about Gruvi and to join the sober curious conversation, follow Gruvi on Instagram @getgruvi. 

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