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Gula Coffee & Bistro: An amazing culinary experience

As a hamburgers lover, always have been looking for the best gourmet hamburger experience. From street hamburgers to the most gourmet ones, been through a lot of places and tasted a lot of burgers, but Gula Coffee & Bistro definitely stole my heart.

Gula Coffee & Bistro is defined as a peculiar but satisfying combination between and excellent coffeeshop, with great coffee and excellent desserts, from and extraordinary taste of, for me, the best hamburgers in Maracaibo, Zulia. First of all, the place. Looks small from the outside, but once you come in, you feel very comfortable and you really want to stay there for a while. The use of timber in almost every place of Gula makes you feel warm and ready to taste whatever you want, from a simple cappuccino to a peculiar craft beer. Awesome place to hang out.

Now, let’s talk about food. Ordered ‘The Onion’, and amazing meat burger with three floors of the greatest onion rings I have ever tasted. Combined with bacon, lettuce and tomato, this amazing mix with a BBQ sauce shower all around creates an incredibly satisfying taste. You end up really happy and full, main factors that you look forward to when going out to eat.


This day I went with my girlfriend (who recommended me Gula) and she ordered this crazy flamed burger that created a show, before and after eating it. It is called the ‘Llamarada Moe’ and it’s a combination of exceptional meat, bacon, tomato, and a brandy-flamed onion ring on the top, creating, as I said before, a real show. This combination of ingredients, the brandy sensation and the flame show makes this the most exotic burger in the menu, and of course, one of the most loved one by costumers.

The ‘Llamarada Moe’ from Gula Coffee & Bistro

Finally, but not less important, we have the craft beer. Made by Gula, they offer a variety of craft beer that really gets you on point and makes you want to drink more than one. They are as strong as good, so I recommend you drinking one or two before eating, and why not, drinking them while enjoying your burgers. If you’re tired of regular beer, this is really the place to appreciate some exotic and really good-tasting beer made by Gula.


Gula Coffee and Bistro takes a 10 out of 10 for me. From a comfortable sensation by the place, to the amazingly GOOD burgers, and enjoying the taste of their incredible craft beers, adding to all of this their making of several coffees and their incredible menu of desserts, definitely Gula Coffee and Bistro is a MUST go for burger lovers, coffee enthusiastic and people in general who enjoy hanging out in a place made for family, friends and even romantic dates. All kind of people will enjoy every original product that this amazing place offers to all of us.

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Nestor Olivares Heredia
Nestor Olivares Heredia
Bilingual graduated with honors. Civil engineer student (last year). Writer and editor in English and Spanish. Ability transcribing, translating and reading any type of document. Interested in engineering, architecture, sports, food, movies, photography and clothing for men.


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