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Hickory Tavern – Holly Springs North Carolina

Good fun, good food, good atmosphere! If you are looking for a classic American pub, then this is the place for you. It is a great place to go anytime day of the week, including Sundays. The dining room is quite large and there is an area that can be closed off if you need a more private area for a party. The dining room area is light and well decorated. There is a great mix of pub-style tables and regular tables. There are also long pub-style tabs for large groups.

Hickory Tavern

For sports fans, you couldn’t ask for more. There are large flat screen TVs everywhere. You can sit anywhere in the restaurant and have a front row seat to any sporting event you could desire. The atmosphere also lends itself to sports addicts.  The bar is at the back of the restaurant and TVs line the entire bar space. Depending on your area you can find a large contingency of fans for local sports teams gathered together, cheering, groaning and high-fiving each other. The food also caters to those that love game days. It ranges between shareable appetizers to wings. There are a variety of sandwiches and salads as well. The food is delightful, and the portions are large.

The staff are professional and friendly.

The hostesses are quick to greet you when you come in the door. There is seating inside in case the wait is longer than normal. The waiting area is not very large, but it is warm during the colder weather. There is also a lovely patio area if the weather is decent enough. There are patio heaters and an unusual fire pit. Hickory Tavern also has games on the patio, such as bag toss. They have created a fun and inviting space for anyone but especially families.

Hickory Tavern

The bar is open and well maintained. Hickory uses local brews along with the regular selections such as Bud Light and Blue Moon. It has some interesting premium cocktails such as Prickly Pear Margarita, Southern Peach Cooler, and Coconut Mojito. The drinks are well made and delivered quickly.

The overall experience at the Hickory Tavern is a good one. The only negative that is worth talking about is that the dining room can get quite loud. Between the number of people and the lack of acoustics in the room the volume can make having a real conversation very difficult. Of course, this depends greatly on the day and time that you visit. If you are going to catch up with friends or have an enjoyable night out with your significant other refrain from going during important sporting events, or you will be disappointed with your time at the Tavern.

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