Friday, June 9, 2023

HidrateSpark Launches Wave – Sugar-Free, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Zero Calorie Electrolyte Supplements

HidrateSpark, a pioneer in monitoring daily hydration and wellness habits, introduced Wave today, a full range of sugar-free and zero-calorie electrolyte supplement powders designed to maintain hydration throughout a healthy lifestyle. With a blend of six key electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, Wave is available in three refreshing flavors. Wave is the perfect companion to HidrateSpark’s smart water bottles to boost healthy hydration habits and help keep consumers’ daily hydration goals on track. The product is made in the USA and shipped in a recyclable container that comes with a free reusable travel canister on first purchase — both designed to help save the planet from plastic waste.

Made with clean premium ingredients including pink Himalayan sea salt, Wave’s blend of electrolytes includes sodium potassium, calcium, phosphorus, chloride, magnesium as well as bonus vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, and zinc. Flavors include lemon, strawberry, and pink lemonade.

HidrateSpark Launches Wave
HidrateSpark Launches Wave

“For years, our customers have repeatedly asked us to offer healthy and flavorful supplements to add to their HidrateSpark water bottles and after much research and development, we are very excited to introduce Wave by HidrateSpark,” said Coleman Iverson, Co-CEO of HidrateSpark. “It was critically important to not only develop a great tasting supplement but also a product that is a healthier alternative to what’s on the market today and one that is also sustainable and produces less packaging waste than the alternatives.”

Wave’s smaller recyclable containers and free reusable travel canister allow for less plastic waste than single-use plastic bottled sports drinks and other non-recyclable individually packaged electrolyte powders. Wave’s reusable travel canister, free with first purchase, holds up to two servings and fits on your keychain. It is made from aluminum, which is also recyclable.

Each Wave electrolyte powder container contains 32 servings with an MSRP of $37.49. HidrateSpark will also offer Wave at a discounted monthly subscription member price of $29.99. Customers can purchase additional travel canisters at $4.99 each. Wave is available for purchase online at

Stay tuned for new product innovations coming soon to the Wave by HidrateSpark supplement line. To join HidrateSpark’s community of wellness-minded individuals and experience life fully hydrated, find HidrateSpark at or on social @HidrateSpark.

About HidrateSpark
Founded in 2015, the founders created HidrateSpark with the mission to be your partner in shaping healthy habits. The company was born during a weekend startup event and then nurtured during a three-month Techstars accelerator program culminating in the launch of HidrateSpark® with a top 1% Kickstarter campaign. HidrateSpark has since grown into the leading global brand in the smart water bottle category, powering research studies at the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and more.

HidrateSpark uses its patented technology to help people tap into their water consumption with its one-of-a-kind water bottle that syncs with your Apple Watch, Fitbit, and the free HidrateSpark app. The company’s proprietary hydration equation calculates a personalized goal, dynamically adjusted throughout the day, based on biometrics and physiology data. The water bottle features a glow, reminding users to drink. Paired via Bluetooth® with the HidrateSpark app, it tracks every sip and regulates just how much users consume throughout the day. Visit us at for more information.

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