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How to Hire Best-in-Class Restaurant Staff During COVID

The food service industry is dependent on great workers and exceptional service, from back of house food prep to front of house hosts and servers. To deliver, you need first-class restaurant staff. Your workers are a huge asset, but hiring and retaining talent remains one of the biggest challenges of running a successful restaurant.

The hospitality industry has been forced to adapt and adhere to guidelines and restrictions put in place to help combat COVID-19. Restaurants in 2020 look different with proper social distancing enforced and QR codes in lieu of traditional menus. Restaurant owners and management have shown their versatility as they reopen and pivot their services to comply with local guidance. A challenge, more prevalent now than ever, is staffing. With COVID-19 guidance for food workers & restaurants continuously changing, the number of workers you need any given day is hard to estimate. Fortunately, there is a solution. The restaurant industry can turn to temporary restaurant workers to fill in during peak times to support bringing customers back through the doors.

How to Hire Best-in-Class Restaurant Staff During COVID By: GigSmart

Whether you’re fine dining bistro looking for a sous chef, a popular restaurant chain in need of additional front of the house staff, a catering company looking for additional servers, or a pizza chain looking for delivery drivers, GigSmart can connect you with hourly, skilled food and beverage professionals to meet your business needs.

What is Get Workers?

Get Workers instantly matches businesses that are hiring with individuals looking for work. There are over 100,000 food service and hospitality workers already on Get Workers, who are ready to help at a moment’s notice. Here are 5 good reasons to try Get Workers today: 

  1. You’re in charge. You set the hourly rate for your workers, decide the number of people you need, and the date and time you need them. We match you with qualified professionals that align with the skills you list in your post. Once you accumulate a pool of applicants, you review potential workers and select who to hire.
  2. Find certificated, background checked workers. Before you hire, you can make sure applicants have the required training, license, or certifications to meet your needs. You can also add worker background or motor vehicle records (MVR) checks as a prerequisite to your application.
  3. Source workers ASAP. We can help you find workers right when you need them. You can schedule shifts up to 30 days in advance, or you can source ASAP workers if you need help immediately. Get Workers can source applicants within minutes, and have a worker on-site in under an hour.
  4. Protect your workers. Every worker you hire is protected by Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI) at no cost to you.
  5. Pay the lowest fees in the industry. Starting at just 15% of the hourly rate you set, our sourcing fees help you save money compared to other temporary hiring agencies or staffing platforms.

Create a Get Workers Account

If you haven’t already, create a Get Workers account by visiting or downloading our mobile apps for iOS or Android. Next, you’ll need to create a free Gig post to source workers for your restaurant position(s).

GigSmart connects you to restaurant staff via skills matching. We know every restaurant Gig is a little different and may require various skill sets. Post specific and informative Gigs. Include the types of skills you require your workers to have, which could include: Cook, Hostess, Bartender, Food Server, Dishwashers, Delivery Drivers and more. The Gigs that you post should include relevant specifics regarding job description and schedule requirements.

Wait For Applicants

While other solutions often use algorithms to find workers, Get Workers, gives you complete control over the hiring process and ultimately, who you hire. You will be notified as soon as qualified hourly workers apply. You can review their profiles, ratings and reviews, and applicant questionnaires. You can check references and certifications (for example a TIPS certification), and even use in-app messaging to confirm the worker meets your expectations. Once you feel confident it is time to hire.

Cook it, Shake it, Serve it

Once the date of the Gig arrives, you can use the Get Workers app to easily manage each temporary worker you hire. You’ll want to start their Gig clock when they arrive at your job site. They can pause their clock at any time should they need to take a break for lunch or to rest. Once the job is completed, you’ll end their Gig clock, which will take you to a Gig Summary screen. Here you can review all of the details of your Gig, like the total time worked. If they did a great job, you can even add additional payment in the form of a tip.

Lastly, we’ll ask you to provide a worker rating (from 1-5 stars), and we’ll give you the option to leave additional comments about the worker. We also ask each worker you hire to leave you a rating and review as well. These community ratings and reviews help people find the best worker or requester for future Gigs.

When it comes to opening a restaurant smoothly and running it successfully, temporary restaurant staff can help you run the show. Get Workers makes it easy to find, hire, and manage workers for all your restaurant’s needs.

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