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Hotshots in the restaurant biz!

The restaurant business is incredibly difficult to get into and make successful. There are few who have not only made successful restaurants but they have done so well that they have actually become known as ”restaurant hotshots”.

Restaurant Hotshots: Gordon Ramsey
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1.   Gordon Ramsay

What is he known for?

Gordon Ramsay was born in Scotland, though he was raised in England. After a knee injury ended his soccer career, he attended North Oxan Technical College and received a hotel management diploma. Gordon then proceeded to study culinary arts under Marco Pierre White and later he would study under Albert Roux, Joel Robuchon, and Guy Savoy.

Once Gordon honed his culinary skills, he became a head chef. Not long after, Gordon Ramsay began to open his own restaurants one by one, each of which has earned at least one Michelin Star. Not only is he a skilled chef and owner of restaurants around the world, but Gordon Ramsey is also a television star with shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef and the F Word.

Gordon Ramsey
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How did he become so successful?

When Gordon Ramsey was asked about his ”secret to success” by he responded with ”The secret of my success is that I take nothing for granted, I go into every restaurant, every program as if it’s the first day. And I give 110%. Because it’s not that money that turns me on. I find that side slightly embarrassing. It’s wonderful and it’s nice, but it doesn’t make you a better chef. The fundamental crux of a successful chef is being true to what you do.”

Alain Ducasse
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2.   Alain Ducasse

What is he known for?

Alain Ducasse was born in France and educated on a farm. He is a well-known restaurant owner, chef, and cookbook author. He has started culinary schools and currently oversees the operations of all of his businesses spacing across 14 countries. But, he started out by working his way up the ladder in professional kitchens and eventually becoming a head chef. Alain would earn his first Michelin Star in 1984 and it wouldn’t be his last.

How did he become so successful?

When asked by

How do you maintain quality and excellence, while still expanding?

Ducasse replies ”There is no secret recipe. The only way to manage growth is delegation and control.”

Wolfgang Puck
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3.   Wolfgang Puck

What is he known for?

Wolfgang Puck is certainly a have hitter in the restaurant business. Wolfgang was born in Austria but moved to the United States in his early 20’s. His mother was a pastry chef which began his passion for the culinary arts. Wolfgang would go on to study under Raymond Thuilier. He then opened his first restaurant in 1982.

How did he become so successful?

In an article found at, Wolfgang says the following:

“I try to follow my intuition,” he said. “And most of the time when I follow my intuition, I’m right.”

Joel Robuchon
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4.   Joel Robuchon

What is he known for?

Joel Robuchon was born in France and grew up to join the culinary world as a pastry chef. He was promoted to head chef at the young age of 29 and would open his first restaurant in 1981. Aside from being a well-known and successful Michelin Star restaurant owner and chef, Joel was also a mentor to a variety of chefs including Gordon Ramsey.

How did he become so successful?

In an article found at Robuchon says this in reference to success, ”Success is ephemeral, you need to reach out for it. I work hard every day to bring it out. I never think the work is done”.

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