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How to best market your restaurant

Tips on how to best market your restaurant in this modern-day society

Are you preparing to open a new restaurant? Maybe you’re new to the industry? Maybe you’re a restaurant veteran but the business has declined and you need to bring patrons back in? Well, here are some tips to help you market your business and hopefully make it thrive!

How to best market your restaurant

Social media sites can be your best friend!

How to best market your restaurant

It should be no surprise to you that social media sites are at the top of the list. Social media can be a very useful tool when marketing your business. Nearly everyone between the ages of 16 and 60+ years old are members of at least one social media site. Many of them allow you to not only have a personal page but, you can also make a page specifically for your restaurant or bar. With this page, you can list daily specials, your menu, location, pictures of your establishment, introduce your staff and so much more!

Many times people will go to the search engine of the social media site in search of a specific restaurant, bar, or type cuisine and if your establishment is listed then you are going to pop up and likely bring people in. It will also boost your chances if you offer online ordering through this (or a compatible) site. I know when I’m looking for a place order from, I almost always choose a place that offers online ordering.

Build an attractive website

How to best market your restaurant

If you choose to have a social media site for your restaurant or bar then you may not need to build an attractive website, though it can’t hurt to have both. The two will offer many of the same features and content. The one thing that a website may have going for it that a social media site may not is that it will reach the ”non-social media” members that scour the internet.

How to best market your restaurant

Offer email subscriptions

Whether you use a website or social media, you will have to have a business email. This is where customers, bloggers, and critics will be able to reach you without phoning in. You can manage the emails yourself or assign email management to someone you trust such as the restaurant manager, bar manager or a veteran employee with whom you have assigned special responsibilities.

You can also use this email to send newsletters to subscribers which will keep them invested in your business and can also provide a personal touch that many patrons enjoy!

Bloggers and critics

How to best market your restaurant

Bloggers and critics can work in your favor as well. Many people only choose restaurants and bars based on reviews provided by past customers. So, inviting them into your establishment and showing them an out of this world experience will surely earn you points and boost your reviews. Another important thing to keep in mind is consistent customer service and quality of food. Bloggers and critics are not the only people leaving reviews anymore. Many customers will leave reviews on Google and other social media sites. This means that every customer should be treated fairly and with respect.

Use a delivery service/app

How to best market your restaurant

Delivery service will bring people to your establishment as well. Especially during these uncertain times with travel restrictions in place. I have personally struggled with finding restaurants that offer delivery but, if I find one that does, then they get my business, it’s as simple as that.

Flyers, media ads, and word of mouth


Do these marketing options sound old school? Yes, they do! But, they still work! However, they should not be your only marketing avenues.

How to best market your restaurant

Address bad online reviews and make necessary changes

Everyone has an ”off night” and sometimes these ”off nights” can cause a blogger, critic, or customer to leave a negative review. Regardless of who wrote the review, address it, personally, apologize for the mistakes and then address the issue with your staff to create a ”fix it” plan.

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