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AUSTRALIA: Food is an indicative part of life and history of the inhabitants of any country, an integral part of the local way of life. To know more what  people live in this or in that country for many decades just learn what they eat.  Today we’ll talk about what are the popular dishes of Australia, which you should definitely try when visit that country.

Street food and catering is the best way to get acquainted with the culture of the country. And Australia is no exception. Its cuisine is a real mosaic of taste: it combines the culinary traditions from around the world, diluting them with local snacks.

Traditional Street food in Australia

  1. Pickled Beet Burgers

There can be no ordinary burgers in amazing and mysterious Australia.  Meet burgers with pickled beetroots. That is the hook of this country.  Locals insist that their burgers are tastier than classic ones. You can try all the hamburgers in the world, but you will not find anything more “Australian” than the cut pieces of beets on the Australian beef chop.  It would be wrong to cook this hamburger from a soft bun with meat inside and cheese without a finishing touch – beets.

The dish is so charming that Ronald McDonald unconditionally supported the McOz hamburger campaign many years ago. He occupied the niche of “takeaway” or dishes from a local pub.

  • Australian Meat Pie, or Marsupial Pie

Australian meat pie is a traditional snack of fans and fans of Australian football.  It is a small pie about the size of the palm, stuffed with meat or minced meat, onions, mushrooms and cheese. Every resident of Australia eats 12 pies a year. The kangaroo has nothing to do with the second, no less popular name of this cake: it is called marsupial because baking is easily placed in a ladies bag.  The baking diameter does not exceed 10 cm. The meat cake is always present on the table at any significant event and at all holidays. It is served at the finals of the Australian National Football Championship – AFL Grand Final.

The cake was first made in 1947 at a bakery in Bendigo. There are many variations of recipes, but meat in the filling and ketchup as a decoration are indispensable components.

  • Cheese buns with Wedjimight pasta

Traditional Australian cheese buns are very similar to the well-known cinnabon buns. Only the filling of such rolls is very specific: vejjimait is a paste based on beer wort, which can also be served separately. It is used as a spread, spreading on toasts and crackers, or instead of sauce for meat and fried eggs. The pasta is rich in vitamin B and folic acid, and it is also an excellent product for those who want to lose weight.

A small portion of vejjimait  for breakfast or lunch will delight you like a song. Here it is, Australian cuisine. Wedjimight is similar to British Marmit, but locals will assure you that this is not so. Wedjimight is more piquant  and much better  than merely sweet dessert.  

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