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How to Prepare Your Kitchen Before a New Season Arrives

Spring is not the only season when you should clean, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Every season brings its own beauties and new flavors on the table. For example Summer – fresh veggies, fruits, Fall – pies, stews, roasting, and so on. Think of every season as a chance to get your kitchen into shape.

Why preparing the kitchen is a good thing? If you wait for spring to come to clean it you will end up throwing a lot of food. If you do this every 3-4 months you will check on expiration dates sooner and you will save some food from going bad. Plus, if you love to cook it will be easier if everything is organized and the pantry is stocked with all essentials.

So, let’s get started!


1st Step is to clean the Pantry

I know that this is time-consuming so the easiest way is to get everything on the table. Group everything, like with like. When you do this you will see that you actually have a lot of space in the pantry. Write down the groups and write what is missing. Check the products to see the expiration date. Make it your priority to use the ones who are about to expire and throw the expired ones.

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2nd Step is to wipe the shelves

Don’t be surprised if you find, flour, rice grains, etc in the pantry. Now you want to clean that so when you restock you can place them on a clean surface. For cleaning don’t use hard chemicals. You can use a damp sponge or cloth. When finished use safe disinfectant.

3rd Step Writing the Pantry list

Ok, you have a list for what is missing. But here is better way to write it. Think about bags, boxes, tins hand cans that you can use to make lunch/dinner/breakfast from “nothing”. Print or write down and tape the plan  where is convenient for you (like the inside of the cabinet door)


4th Step The Fridge

Now, it is time to do the same thing with your fridge. Take out everything, check the food in groups, write down what is missing. Throw everything that is not edible anymore. Clean the refrigerator with a vinegar-water solution. Make a list of foods that you stock your fridge d with and place it on the door fridge.

5th Step Create a Meal Plan

Meal plans not only makes cooking, shopping, and planning easier but also can help you eat in-season food only. Make a meal plan for 2 weeks. It is just enough to always have something different on your table.


6th Step Don’t forget your Stove

Clean the stove well. Starting from the cooktop to the oven. Don’t forget the knobs and other smaller parts. With this, your food will never smell bad and you won’t spend money on constant repairs. Stoves can easily start to malfunction if they are not cleaned regularly.

Now you see that when you clean out everything that is expired or you don’t need anymore you have more space for new. It will be more fun too. A clean kitchen is always a positive thing. A fresh start for you and your precious kitchen.

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Maja Bilbilovska
Maja Bilbilovska
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