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How to Stay in Ketosis When Dining Out

If you are one of many people who prize Keto you are aware that in the last couple of years this diet has been storming through the Internet. There is a good reason why this diet is so popular and the first thing is that the list of food you are allowed to eat is a lot longer than any other. Most people get drawn to it because most of the meals are based on meat, eggs, cheese, and bacon. Plus there are very delicious desserts that can be part of this diet.

It is a low carb based diet, which means you should focus on consuming more fat. Thanks to the high-fat amount it gives the filling of fullness and you won’t be going even for a snack before the next meal. It is very easy and if you are still thinking which diet is for you, you must take keto into serious consideration. Behind it, there are many success stories for weight loss and also for improving health.

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Most people who go on a diet and when they get an invitation for dinner at a restaurant they decline the offer. When on keto you don’t have to do this! In fact, it is very easy to implement this diet when you are dining out.

Plan in Advance

Almost all restaurants now have a menu available on the internet, whether on their official site or on a social media site. Read the menu carefully and scan to see what options are keto-friendly. But once you arrive at the restaurant you must be careful how you order the dishes.

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Start by eliminating starch. Don’t order rice, put the potatoes aside, pass on the bread and pasta. But to keep that scary temptation at bay order the meals without any starch sides.

  • In most restaurants, you will be able to substitute the starch for extra veggies or salad.
  • If you want to order a burger or sandwich ask for a lettuce wrap as a substitute.
  • But if they don’t allow substitution just eliminate the products that are not keto friendly.

Order fatty Food

  • Ask for more butter for the meat or veggies
  • Order vinegar dressing and olive oil to drizzle over salads
  • Ask them to add heavy cream in the tea or coffee

Open your eyes when ordering condiments and sauces. There are sauces that contain carbs and others fat. So make sure to ask about their ingredients before ordering. Even a small amount of sauce can strike you down from ketosis, and you don’t want that.

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Choose drinks carefully. The best way to keep off from drinks that are not keto friendly is to stick to coffee, tea, sparkling water, and water. But if you want to have a glass of alcohol go for, spirits, light beer, dry wine or champagne.

Skip the dessert. When it is time to order dessert you should order a coffee instead. But if you don’t drink coffee late at night, go for a cup of herbal tea or decaf coffee.

The fun part about the keto diet is that you can always be creative. You can improvise and create an interesting mix up from the menu. While there are some restaurants that don’t allow ordering outside the menu it’s not hard to ask. But instead ordering something that the restaurant has never had in the menu make a mix-up, combine of different dishes into one.

Here is one simple example. If the restaurant serves Spaghetti Bolognese, ask them if they can serve you just the sauce like a soup, with a serving of veggies sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.

Or you can just order 2-3 appetizers that are low carb. A delicious cheese plate and a salad will make the perfect low-carb dinner. All you need to do is ask, you might even be offered a keto meal that is not on the menu, you never know.

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