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I Bought The Delish Loves Disney Cookbook. Here’s The Scoop.

I have a confession to make: I’m a Disney fan. Well, this is a little bit different than most people who love the House of Mouse. I’m a fan of Disney’s foods, not so much as their movies. The movies make me cry too much and it’s embarrassing. Food, on the other hand? Always leaves a smile on my face. 

Like many foodies, I have a certain yearning to learn official recipes from major food hotspots. This includes the most magical places on Earth—all of Disney’s parks. So, when I found out Delish had an OFFICIAL Disney Cookbook collaboration with the park’s experts, I was all about it. Here’s the scoop from someone who bought it…

First things first, the cookbook does not contain *all* the recipes. 

I think this is the pretty obvious take that we all should be aware of. If they did, I’m pretty sure that I’d never stop eating food from Epcot’s Morocco portion and that I’d gain 600 pounds. (I still remember how good the food tastes from that time.)

However, the magazine-book is still pretty hefty and above average. More importantly, it gives you the inside scoop on the big recipes that gained a cult following, including: 

  • Dole Whip*
  • The Grey Stuff
  • Totchos
  • The Kitchen Sink Sundae

*They call it the Pineapple Whip. But heck, we all know it’s Dole Whip.

Are the recipes authentic?

So, here’s the weird thing I noticed. There are several recipes that appear both in here and in the Unofficial Disney Cookbook. Ronto Roast, in particular, got me. I noticed that the Delish and the Unofficial Disney Cookbook have two different recipes—and that the Delish x Disney collab definitely looked more like the real thing. 

I can’t 100 percent tell if the Delish Loves Disney recipes are the real thing, In most cases, they are probably recipes that are “home” versions of the mass-produced treats that you see in Disney parks. But hey, that’s not always a bad thing. This looks like it’s about as close as you can get to the real thing. 

I Bought The Delish Loves Disney Cookbook. Here’s The Scoop.

Photos? You betcha!

Oh em gee, I need to be real. A large portion of the reason why I bought this was the photos. Holy cannoli, and a bag of frijoles, are the photos beautiful! I know that this was printed on higher-quality stock than a typical magazine, but when I leafed through the interior of the magazine, I was amazed. 

Honestly, Delish always makes a point of quality food photography. However, they outdid themselves here. The presentation is amazing, backed up with Disney-riffic goodness, and it’s all in glowing, full-scale color. 

How do the recipes taste?

I tried the pasta recipe from Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, a hotspot for “Italian” dining in one of the Disney parks. Honestly, it was pretty good. For the effort you put in, it’s safe to say that you will get a pretty decent outcome. It’s just important to stick to the recipes. 

Thankfully, they give cool pointers guided by the hands of Mickey himself. So, you can cook like a real chef from the world of Disney. Best of all? You don’t even have to have a rat ontop of you controlling your movements to do it. 

Here’s my verdict…

As far as Disney cookbooks go, there are a lot to choose from. This is one of the best of the best, not to mention one of the only ones that actually has input from experts that helped make these dishes. If you want to eat like a mouse, then this is one cookbook you *need* to snag.

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Ossiana Tepfenhart
Ossiana Tepfenhart
Ossiana Tepfenhart is a food critic, writer, and at home culinary enthusiast!


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