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Incredible Festive Cuisine in Switzerland

Introduction: They say that if you take a little Germany, add a solid portion of France and a bit of Italy, you get Switzerland – an amazing multinational country. Perhaps nothing can give a more complete picture of its culture than the holidays. Cheerful, bright, colorful holidays in Switzerland have absorbed all the wealth of traditions, customs and the spirit of the hospitable European people. And today we will see what an amazing and incredibly tasty Swiss holidays keep in themselves.


Zibelemärit (“Cybelemerite”)  is an onion fair in Bern. Every year, the capital of the Swiss canton Bern  hosts this unique event .. For one day, guests from all over Switzerland and even from abroad fill the picturesque squares and streets. And all who wish to see the whole variety of a seemingly ordinary onion can do it.

The onion fair in Bern has long been a national holiday, which has something to surprise all guests from small to large. Well, interested? Then let’s get to know it better!

The Onion Fair is rightfully considered the largest holiday in the Swiss city of Bern and  one of its business cards. Every year, farmers from nearby cities and regions bring to Bern more than 50 tons of onions! However, if you think that the festival stalls are filled only with the golden bow familiar to our eyes, let me assure you of the opposite.

A variety of shapes and colors is simply amazing! You can choose from the variety of onion you like – in the literal sense of the word – for taste and color.

The features of the onion fair in Bern do not end there. Walking between the rows of the festival, enjoy plenty of onion compositions: decorative pigtails, wreaths, dolls, and even pictures of onions! Believe me, beauty of that design will conquer even those hearts who believe that nothing can surprise them anymore.

The Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz

The Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz (Gourmet Festival) is an annual gastronomic festival that takes place in winter, starting in 1994, in the famous ski resort of Switzerland for several days.

St. Moritz (St. Moritz) is a beautiful and popular resort at the foot of the mountain with beautiful landscapes and developed tourist infrastructure. There are many boutiques, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, museums, sports complexes … Secular life in St. Moritz is also very busy.  There are more than a hundred official events – cultural, sports, social every year during the winter season.

St. Moritz has also been famous for its restaurants for centuries, and the Engadine Valley has a long tradition of the leading culinary region in the Alps. Therefore, it is here – at the “Top of the World” at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level – that this festival of “gourmet cuisine” takes place.


Halloween – Halloween (All Hallows Evening or Beggars Night) – the night before All Saints’ Day. Halloween is said to be at least two thousand years old. It is celebrated on October 31.

The modern custom of carnival costumes and children  that “scaring” neighbors for sweets originated in medieval England. This “scary” holiday took root in Switzerland. So that the spirits do not recognize them, people wear masks when leaving the house. This is a mystical holiday when millions of candles are lit in huge orange pumpkins arranged in shop windows, on windows, on lawns near houses, on stairs, in restaurants and movie theaters. Closer to night, seasoned monsters, vampires and witches appear in the city streets. By midnight, the Sabbath is in full swing, cries and howls that make your blood freeze are heard here and there.

What should be the dinner on the eve of All Saints Day? It shall be that people feel chill down their spine of the sight of a festive table.

First of all, you need more blood … A medium rare roast beef steak, as well as tomato or cranberry juice, is а good fit. Play with colors: more red and black – this color scheme will help create a nightmare atmosphere on the table. All kinds of “bloody mary” will be very welcome. Dark pastes – from beans, liver, olives – and other dishes of a similar consistency will allow your imagination to run wild, evoking the most terrible images in your memory.

Well, bones and skulls…we need those things too.  A goose, plucked in a special way  and hovering  in the very center of the festive table, from a cursory glance, will be indistinguishable from the skeleton.

Оf course, you “slaughtered” a pumpkin оn Halloween  and made a first-class Jack-lamp from it. “Remains” of the pumpkin will also go into business: they’ll come in handy for “decorating” a dish – for creating a “fatal swamp” and “picturesque wreckage.”

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