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Keedy’s Fountain Grill

When my parents moved to the Coachella Valley outside Palm Springs after many years in Los Angeles County, it opened up a whole new set of food experiences for this foodie gal. Visiting them several times a year means lots of new places I get to try. And sometimes I have those places I need to get to pretty much every trip. Keedy’s, established in 1957, falls into this category. Although ownership has been passed down over time, the tradition has been preserved.

Keedy’s Fountain Grill

The ambience: totally and completely nostalgic –vinyl, breakfast counter, retro décor, muted colors; it all screams an un-pretentious and vintage 1950’s vibe. A little opposite of the bright and upscale “retro” scene a little bit west in Palm Springs. It’s old school in the best possible way. (Though Palm Springs is an excellent experience- don’t get me wrong!)

The parking: Typical along Highway 111, there are service roads and parking lots behind shops and restaurants, which are often set up like a strip mall situation.  You can park on the little service road, but I recommend the back lot since you can also enter Keedy’s from behind the building.

Keedys menu cover 1

The food (why you’re reading this right?!): You’ll find a lot of typical “diner” dishes mixed with a little Southern Cal, showing off some talent with Mexican ingredients. They have quite a few things on the menu from Huevos Rancheros to Chorizo and Eggs. Which brings me to one of my favorites, the Chilaquiles. Mild (not spicy,) saucy, and heaped on the plate, this is a traditional version. If you’re a fan of this dish: tortilla chips with chicken, cheese, tomatillo, and eggs, I recommend it here.

Keedys menu

Favorite number two: chicken and waffles. OMG. Where to start? Ridiculously tender chicken deep-fried in a tasty batter to an optimal level of crispiness.  The waffles are an ideal accompaniment, soft on the inside and cooked the right amount of time to get just well-done enough on the outside. Spread the butter and drizzle on the maple syrup for an outstanding experience.

Keedy’s Fountain Grill

Favorite number three: chicken fried steak and eggs. The home-made gravy is creamy with just a bit of peppery punch and the chicken comes out tender, not dry like you sometimes get with this type of dish. I always get my eggs poached because I tend to use the yolk as a sauce, and this is the dish to do it with.

Breakfast is served from open to close, which is 2pm, seven days a week. But if you want a good diner lunch, Keedy’s covers that as well. You can get that fried chicken with mashed potatoes instead of waffles, a hot delicious plate of meatloaf, or even pork chops! All entrees come with fries or mashed potatoes and a soup or salad. There is always a soup of the day, but chili and bean are on their regular menu.

Want a burger? Check out the “Keedy’s fix” with mayo, relish, lettuce, tomato, and onion. In addition, they have vegetarians covered with their garden burger and there are other sandwich options beyond burgers, like you’d see on typical diner menus. And again, their lunch list also includes a nod to Mexico.

Lastly, dessert: of course they have old-fashioned malts and milkshakes. I admit- I’ve only been there for early breakfasts, and I haven’t sampled. But if you do, add to the comments- I’d like to know what you thought and what flavors are recommended!

In closing, if you find yourself near Palm Desert, early in the morning especially, and wanting breakfast that is a meal, not just a nosh, get over to Keedy’s for amazing food and a place that blasts you right back to 1957.

address73-633 CA-111, Palm Desert, CA 92260
telephone(760) 346-6492

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Daphne Reznik
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