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Learning how to cook.

Food, food, food, nothing brings a better chill down my spine when presented with an amazing dish with scintillating aroma, great taste and that melting feel when placed in your mouth, the happiness of chewing, and then gulping down and feeling your farfetched desire has been accomplished only to notice that you have a plate full of that experience. However you look at it, be you a vegetarian, or beef lover, food is not only a vital part of life in overall terms. “yes, you don’t eat, and you die, It’s  that simple”, but also can be art, a profession, science and even go as far as being a fundamental block of an economy, “just ask the rice farmers”.  

Ok, people often have the perspective of eating just for the sake of eating, well that’s also very wrong. Your body is a temple, and as such needs to be filled, nurtured and taken care of in the right manner. You need to eat not just good but great meals and not stop there, you need to exercise regularly, keep fit and carry out regular checkups on your body.

So now there comes another question, how do you get great meals that would suit your bodies nutrient needs. Well people often result to eateries, fast foods or in general simply eat out, well this is ok to some length but what happens when you’ve tried everything and don’t get satisfied with them anymore?

Well, this is when the thought of you creating your own meal often comes in.

According to statistics, 1 in 3 university students have no idea of how to boil an egg. This alarming statistic doesn’t end there. Also, there is the belief that about 48% of students can’t make a simple spaghetti.

Well if you fall into this category and are willing to Pull out of it, then read further as I inform you on how to start learning to cook for yourself.


SOURCE : Pixabay

Cooking is a skill, and just like any other skill, it is best practiced with several tools. In cooking terms, we call them utensils and include, pots, spoons, spatulas, whisks, mixing bowls, cutting boards, graters, and knives to name a few. All of these tools can be gotten from your local vendor.


SOURCE : Pixabay

Setting up yourkitchen cannot be overstated in this context, your kitchen is going to be the home of your meals, so it’s best to have a setup that is convenient and easy for you navigate easily. You need the fanciest setup out there, just something that you can work with easily with the basics of an oven, sink and fridge.

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Well, it’s a no brainer that you would need ingredients that would up the dish you set out to make. Getting groceries is a necessity and should be done accordingly. You can start up by making a list of what you need, milk, eggs, juice are the basics, but you also need to get what you would need to prepare the dish you set out to. I advise you to stock your fridge as much as possible, as you probably wouldn’t want to go through the stress of visiting the market now and then.


Recipe book
SOURCE : Pixabay

So once you have your kitchen setup, you proceed into researching on various cooking recipes that catch your interest. This might be a little tricky as there are thousands for you to choose from. A great start would be trying to prepare your favorite dish as you are more likely to keep trying even after numerous failed attempts.

Having all of the above is a route to success in the kitchen, but you should know that like any skill, cooking needs training and brushing up before it can become polished.

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Seth Green
Seth Green
Seth Green is a freelance writer, designer, and developer who’s in love with what he does. If it’s not reading and improving on his skills its spending time out and having a chilled glass of craft beer. He is very passionate about business, sports, and food and loves to learn new things.


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