Thursday, August 18, 2022

Little Red Grille

In the small town of Plainville sits a little red food truck. I stopped by one afternoon for lunch to check it out. My first impression was how cute it was. Attached to the truck was a little awning by the window where you order. There was a sink for customers to wash their hands.

Little Red Grille

There were flower pots and even tables to enjoy the food right outside the truck. I went up to the truck and perused the menu which is posted right on the outside for convenience. A man greeted me right away and made me feel welcome. I decided to go with an all American style lunch. It consisted of tater tots and grilled cheese with tomato. Good choice I might add! The service was fast and efficient and served with a smile. The food was simple, but delicious. It’s not everyday I find tater tots on a menu so when I do, I sure won’t be passing them up!

Little red grill

For the sandwich and tots, my total came to 11.27$. I have to say I thought it was a bit overpriced for the two items but that’s just my personal opinion. I also did not order a drink so for that amount, I could’ve made it for way less money at home or went elsewhere for a better deal. But again, the truck is adorable and I went there for a different experience. There were plenty of other options on the menu to choose from as well from hamburgers to chicken tenders.

They even had seasonal options including a lobster roll when I went.

Little Red Grill

All in all, I recommend this place to eat, it’s certainly out of the ordinary. Much better curb appeal than a sit down restaurant. I also checked out the little red trucks facebook page. To my surprise, they own a little yellow truck as well that does catering. That would be a really fun option for a summer birthday party in the park. I emailed the owners to get more information and to ask a few questions about the red truck but unfortunately didn’t hear back.

I love the whole food truck idea in general. I know a lot of food trucks that are mobile and go serve in different areas or try for the same spot everyday. This little red truck is parked round the clock so it does not move from place to place so it is easily found and accessible. Thank you little red truck!

address120 New Britain Ave, Plainville CT 06062
telephone(860) 997-4086

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