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Live the Noite Gaucha®! A cultural experience in the Sierra!

When we published our article on “Top 10 Churrasco Restaurants in the world”, we asked them to send articles, photos and videos to introduce themselves to the 10 restaurants mentioned in this article. One of the respondents to this call is Garfo e Bombacha. Here are the text and photos sent by Garfo e Bombacha


The show Noite Gaúcha is unique! Presented several times a week, it refers to the true gaucho style with traditional songs and dances, showing details of our culture, so that the visitor brings home the best memories.

In the self service style you enjoy a varied hot buffet, salads and desserts, as well as the traditional barbeque with cuts of noble meats and the famous “costalão na ditch”.


Noite Gaúcha with Show

Garfo e Bombacha

Come feel the gaucho hospitality in our house, in our huge shed, the size in our heart!

Typical Dinner with Folk Show: music, show, barbecue and tradition.
During dinner the gaucho tradition is interpreted to the sound of typical live music and a contagious folk show and Latin American rhythms.
In the show Noite Gaúcha at Garfo & Bombacha Steakhouse in Canela RS the harmonica opens the bellows, the pedestrians are profiled, the gifts are reverent and for over an hour, the gaucho tradition is performed live, with the foul, the chote, the vaneirão, the dance of the stick and other classical, and Latin American rhythms.


It is the folklore and contagious gaucho music, performed live, parading before the enchanted eyes of the visitors, with breathtaking ballerina shows.

Gaucho Lunch with Show

On the stage a Rio Grande of colors is shown, extolling the gaucho art and highlighting the culture of a people.


Our culture, proudly represented by pedestrians, musicians gifts, in a unique celebration, a true cult of the traditions of Rio Grande do Sul. Traditionalist dances are accompanied by typical gaucho songs. In these predominates the sound of the accordion, also known as harmonica, guitar and some other instruments of string and percussion.


This is all served with a cutlet in the ditch and a delicious buffet. Gaucho Lunch without Show

At the entrance the visitor is surprised by the costalão that has been in the fire for 8 hours.


Entering the hall goes through the Mate Room to enjoy our mate.
Shortly after being directed to your table, a capeletti soup is served
so that by the self-service system the visitor can enjoy of a costelao in the ditch, besides the gaucho barbecue and a varied buffet. Self service system
In a system where the visitor chooses what he wants to eat to accompany the roast beef for 8 hours, with capeletti soup, an island of antipasti with special cheeses, salami and pancakes, passing by a rich salad buffet, hot dishes, typical foods like the champion course, various barbecued meats, fried polenta, lasagna, melted curd cheese among countless lunch options and the foundu chocolate dessert with fruits of the season and typical sweets of the gapucha cuisine such as sago, rice pudding and ambrosia .

Aline ViezzerRelações Públicas, Colunista Social e CerimonialistaCONRERP 1898 RS/SCGRAMADO SERRA GAÚCHA BREspie meu site


RS 466, Caracol – RS, 95680-000, Brasil

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