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Living in these uncertain times

It should be no surprise to anyone what I am referring to by ”these uncertain times”. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus, many areas of the world are being infected and thus invoking a ”no contact” ruling to help slow the spread of the virus. As you might imagine, limiting contact with other people is quite a challenge. So, how do we adjust to living in these uncertain times?

Living in these uncertain times

Attending social gatherings

As isolating as it may seem, the best way to slow the spread of the virus is to limit the time spent with other people, especially large crowds. So, how do you continue your social life? Instead of meeting up for book clubs, drinks, movie nights, or family dinners, consider using video chat apps to stay in contact and socialize. Take advantage of video chat apps and watch your favorite shows, eat meals, discuss your book of the month club, and cheers with a glass of wine all with the help of video chat apps. It is essential to limit any unnecessary in-person contact, but that doesn’t mean limiting contact with other people altogether. In fact, experts highly recommend turning to the digital world now more than ever to prevent possible exposure, the spread of the virus, and also prevent depression that can happen due to isolation.

Living in these uncertain times -

Delivery services

There are several delivery services available that can help provide food and services to the public which will ultimately help slow the spread of the virus and help keep people safe. The experts have said that there is no evidence that the coronavirus is affecting our food sources so why not buy into the world of delivery?

Living in these uncertain times -


It is important to note that not every restaurant is likely to take advantage of the delivery services out there. So, before you have your heart set on a specific cuisine from a specific restaurant, look online to find out if it is an option. You will also need to log in and put your address into the delivery service apps to find out if you are within a delivery range.

Don’t stop at one delivery app! There are several delivery apps out there and each of them has a different policy and may also offer delivery from different restaurants.

You can also have peace of mind that the delivery drivers are well aware of the current situation and that special instructions may be necessary. So, you may leave a note or add it into the delivery instructions on your app order that the driver should leave the food in a safe place near your front door, or in authentication that works for you. You can have a jar or container of some kind to put the tip in so that the driver can deliver your food and receive their tip without physical contact with you or your family. Give them enough time to make the switch and get back to their car before you go out for the food.

Living in these uncertain times

I like to also leave a little note thanking them for their service and wishing them well. They are putting their health at risk to provide this service for you and to continue to support their own families. A ”thank you” can go a long way.

Grocery delivery

Another delivery option is to take advantage of grocery delivery services. My family has been having groceries delivered for a while now (well before the virus outbreak limited contact with others). Before the outbreak, we would pace our order, meet our driver and help bring the bags of groceries in. However, with the ”no contact” order in place, we have left instructions for the driver on our front porch to leave the groceries and take the tip from a container we left out. With this method, we are able to safely receive our groceries and supplies and the driver still receives his tip.

Living in these uncertain times

If you need medication you may want to call your pharmacy about having your medications delivered. There may be restrictions so be prepared for any answer they may give.

With all of this craziness and ”no contact” with other people it can feel isolating and overwhelming. It is important that we continue to stay in contact with others and that we continue to recover our necessities in a safe manner.

Stay safe and be well!

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Bailey Woodean
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