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Lucky Bird restaurant, serving style that makes you smile

Its Friday night, you’ve made it through the week and all you want to do is go out with your friends for a fun, easy going night. So naturally you’re going to want to go to a fun, easy going restaurant. Lucky bird makes that their definition, with a bright popping exterior and creative plating techniques, they’ll be sure to start your Friday night off on the right foot.

Lucky Bird restaurant (photographed by Morgen Sechler – 6/25/2020)
Lucky Bird restaurant (photographed by Morgen Sechler – 6/25/2020)

Lucky Bird Restaurant

Lucky Bird focuses on Southeast Asian cuisine with family recipes coming from the owner’s hometown in Southern Thailand. They pride themselves on their cooking techniques being passed down through generations. From grandmother, to mother, to daughter, they have truly kept it in the family.

“From grandmother, to mother, to daughter, they have truly kept it in the family.”

Lucky Bird has branded themselves as a fun food establishment. Before you even enter the restaurant, you get a sense of whimsy and light heartedness. Their Lucky Bird sign, adorning a cute little chicken, hangs over a deep walkway, like it’s inviting you to walk on down and see for yourself how joyful the experience will be. The building is painted in a beautiful cheerful yellow, which really mimics the imagination and joy in their menu.

Venturing down the walkway, you are incased in light flooding in from above, bouncing off the yellow walled exterior. There are full picture windows to the right displaying the modern, farm-house, sheik esthetic they seem to have created inside. They certainly have a love for reclaimed wood.

It’s a surprising contrast to the golden, warm exterior but still just as enjoyable. They focus on a counter ordering system, a very quick dinning vibe, the goal is to get on with the rest of your Friday night after all right? Even though it has a fast service vibe it has a natural coziness that makes it a great place to chill out for as long as you’d like, especially if you grab a seat in the patio!

Lucky Bird restaurant (photographed by Morgen Sechler – 6/25/2020)
Lucky Bird restaurant (photographed by Morgen Sechler – 6/25/2020)

Now let’s get onto the food… so impressive! There’s sometimes a bad rap on quick service establishments, especially when they provide ethnic cuisine. Lucky Bird does not fall into that category. They go out of their way to make the experience not only hasty but authentic. They serve their dishes on traditional banana leaf, resting in a bamboo rattan basket, when it came to the table it just made me smile! Not to mention, they have wings! C’mon, a restaurant where I can get authentic wings served in banana leaf? No question about it, that screams a start to a fun Friday night.

Then comes dessert, when a restaurant has crème brûlée, of course you order it. The beautifully silky, young coconut crème brûlée exceeded all of the expectations taste wise and even more so plating wise. It came out in a dish that didn’t look like food at all. Its platted in a piece of reclaimed wood, a wonderful homage to the interior of their restaurant, a very nice nod that ties it all together.

It was definitely the best dish I had there, perfectly torched on top, a beautiful golden color that reminds you of the light filled walk into the restaurant. Needless to say, they nailed this crème brûlée! Lucky Bird’s menu is beautifully designed to co-exist with the location and esthetic they created. Just an all-around enjoyable dinning experience.

“They fully portrayed that dinning out is a sensory experience that is meant to be joyful and imaginative.”

Finishing up my meal and leaving Lucky Bird, they left me with a sense of excitement and joy and an eagerness to come back again. They fully portrayed that dinning out is a sensory experience that is meant to be joyful and imaginative. Before you even catch a glimpse at their menu you know they have fully succeeded the fun ideals of dinning out, and when good quality, authentic food is paired with that, how can you go wrong?

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


address1926 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California 94704
telephone(510) 529-4565

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