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Tobias Kumwenda
Tobias Kumwenda
From passion to (aspiring) profession, this is what prompted me to enter this project: Travel and Hospitality Industry. The desire to work in contact with a world that has always intrigued and fascinated me.
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You automatically think of junk food when you hear “Made in USA” food. In reality, when you think of the American diet, especially if you’ve never been, you probably think of fast food or enormous calorie binges as portrayed in movies or TV shows, as well as a high obesity rate that considerably exceeds that of Europe.

There is much truth in it, but there are also many preconceptions that keep us from recognizing what are the actual gastronomic characteristics of this vast region within the American culinary culture.

Given the vastness of its borders and the diversity of ethnic groups present on US soil, American dishes do not have a true linear tradition in the way that other countries’ dishes do, but rather it is a collection of many traditions that intertwine and each bring their most valued peculiarities to create recipes and dishes that are known and tasted throughout the United States.

Without a doubt, each region has its own traditional or well-known foods, but some dishes, in particular, are well-known over the world and should be known and tried at least once in one’s life, both to widen one’s culinary horizons and to relish their unique flavour.

However, before you begin, we urge that you put this music on in the background and listen to it as you allow yourself to be tempted (even if just aesthetically) by these delights. Which one do you want to try right now? Which one does not pique your interest and that you would gladly discard?

But what are the foods that, despite not being a nutritious dinner, you simply cannot pass up and must have at least once in your life? Let’s examine what the 10 most characteristic American dishes are that deserve to be classified as US gourmet specialities.

Here is our list!

10. Sloppy Joe

1280px Sloppy Joe homemade

Beef, onions, tomato sauce (or ketchup), Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonings should all be minced. A type of chilli that isn't spicy and is served on a bun. Those who don't mind getting their hands' filthy will like this.

While America's fast-food culture is unmistakably alive and well, there are several local food initiatives that advocate a more seasonal and sustainable diet.

Meanwhile, if you chance to visit the United States, do not pass up the opportunity to sample one of the meals or delicacies described above in order to form a true perspective of American cuisine, rather than relying solely on hearsay.

  1. Greetings from London in the UK. I am planning of visiting the US and this information written in this article really helps a lot.

    Thanks and continue good work.

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