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Make Condado Tacos Your Next Foodie Stop in Pittsburgh

If you’ve been to Pittsburgh, or know a little bit about it, you know that it’s food and restaurant reputation is stellar. Pittsburgh is rich in neighborhoods that are worlds apart, but all share the quality of having great places to eat, whether you go to a bar, gastropub, sushi shop, taco stand, or pizza point. I traveled to one neighborhood in particular recently for a concert that I had never visited before. The show was in Lawrenceville, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh just above Polish Hill that sits against the Allegheny River.


Condado Tacos

Lawrenceville is a hip, trending neighborhood, like many of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, that is rich in the arts and good eats. It sits tucked into an array of art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, theaters, and music venues on the main Butler Street. Like any good fan of food, I decided that in order to get a true taste of Lawrenceville, I needed to seek out what they had to offer in terms of tacos. So, I got on Apple Maps, searched for taco restaurants, and found a place with good reviews called Condado Tacos.


As I walked down Butler Street towards the restaurant, I was overwhelmed with a sense of liveliness. People were out and about, traffic was moving, and you could tell that things would be going on all night. Condado Tacos sits on a street corner, and when you get inside, it is instantly warm and inviting.

DSC 0099

I have three things to say good things about at this taco restaurant. First, I have to obviously say that the tacos were amazing. Not only are their tacos delicious, as a restaurant known for its tacos should be; they came in all varieties of meat, shell, and topping. Conveniently enough, you get to build your own tacos based on what meats, cheeses, salsas, and toppings you want, and you get to check off these preferences on a little paper menu. I recommend the brisket.


The drinks are also a must-do if you are of age and want to try something different. Condado has a large and unique menu of cocktails, beers, and wines, and they are reasonably priced, too.

DSC 0039 1

The third good thing I have to say about this restaurant is that it is just fun to be there. The atmosphere is totally welcoming and casual, which I think is a must when exploring a new city or part of a city. The staff are attentive and friendly, and the aesthetics of the space are really exciting. The walls are colorful and painted in a mural style with cartoons of roller derby girls and skate rinks. The seating is at the bar or high-top tables that are pushed together to make rows of tables where you can sit close to others while still maintaining your privacy.

DSC 0318

I have no bad things to say about Condado Tacos, and I would recommend newcomers to and veterans of Pittsburgh to try it out!


(412) 863-7630

HOURS Daily 11am – 2am 

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Hannah Wyatt
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