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Mexican Restaurant That Has it All

Chuck’s Steakhouse and Margarita Grill – where do I begin?

This Mexican restaurant is not only about the great food, with the huge margarita menu, and the limitless chips and salsa.

The surroundings in the atmosphere creates an authentic and totally unique place to enjoy your food. From outdoor seating, to the first-floor bar, to the second floor with the view of their kitchen, to the third floor overlooking the entire place, this restaurant is unlike anything you have ever been to before. Every time you look at the wall, I promise you’ll notice another decoration.

You want guac, made from scratch, fresher than you’ve ever tasted? Chuck’s. Sour cream sides served in homemade, perfectly oiled up, still hot tortilla chips? Chuck’s again. Pica de Gallo salad served on the side of practically every dish, fresh, with the perfect amount of zest? You guessed it: Chuck’s.

Mexican Restaurant: Chuck’s Steakhouse and Margarita Grill – where do I begin?
The Tomatillo Chicken Chimichanga, at the bottom of the picture , is my go-to meal.

The Tomatillo Chicken Chimichanga, at the bottom of the picture, is my go-to meal. Chicken and cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla, which is then lightly fried and baked to perfection (with their red chili sauce and cheese, of course). To complete the already mouth-watering, tortilla-wrapped dish, it’s topped with guac and sour cream, and served over pico de gallo salad. Along with this, you’ll get a side of rice, and your choice of beans. The rice will have just the right amount of seasoning to make you want to eat it alone, and the beans will have cheese melted over the top of them, adding even more flavor to each bite.

Along with their incredible entrées, Chuck’s offers enough appetizers to make you order more than just one. From their jalapeno cheddar queso, to their nachos bandito, to their chicken wings, you can’t go wrong. I guarantee that reading the descriptions of all the appetizers on the menu will make you hungrier than you already are.

I mean, listen to the description under their chicken tenders: “Lightly fried tenders tossed with your choice of teriyaki, honey habanero, buffalo, jerk, or chipotle barbeque. Served with Chuck’s famous bleu cheese.”

You know that scene, in the movie Buddy the Elf, where Buddy runs into the coffee shop, because their window said “World’s Best Cup of Coffee,” and shouts across the store “You did it!!! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee!” and he is just smiling ear to ear? Yeah, that’s how I feel ordering the chicken tenders, served with their “famous bleu cheese.”

Mexican Restaurant: Chuck’s Steakhouse and Margarita Grill – where do I begin?

The only negative about this restaurant having such a unique feeling to it is that once people go there, it easily becomes their favorite. What happens when a whole lot of people discover it? It gets busy. Chuck’s doesn’t typically take reservations, and seats everybody on a first-come first-serve basis.

However, don’t let this lose your attention. There is a whole bar on the first floor of the restaurant, and you can order drinks while you wait. This will not only give you a way to make the wait go by quickly, but it’ll let you dive into the extensive margarita menu…

With over 15 different tequilas to choose from, Chuck’s offers custom margaritas, along with 12 of their most popular margs –  the menu will make you want to try all of them (but don’t do it all in one visit)!

Going to Chuck’s is really so much more than just going out to grab a bite. You’ll be getting an experience you can’t get anywhere else, along with the best Mexican food you’ll find in Connecticut. With cutural music throughout the entire place, and lighting that sets the mood, this restaurant is perfect for everything from family dinner night, to going out with friends, to going on dates. In going out to eat, the atmosphere is just as important as the food, and Chuck’s has both down pat.

Chuck’s Steakhouse and Margarita Grill
address1498 Stafford Rd Storrs, Connecticut 06268
telephone(860) 429-1900

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