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MingsBings, Created by James Beard Award-Winner Chef Ming Tsai, Brings You MingsBings Dippers: A Delicious Collection of Chef-Created, Vegan Dipping Sauces

BOSTON, MA – February 1 marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, and world-renowned Asian-American Chef and James Beard award-winner, Chef Ming Tsai and his East-West food brand MingsBings, expands its product offering with the launch of a new collection of “Dippers.” The chef-created, vegan, and dairy-free dipping sauces will make The Year of The Tiger dipping delicious. 

MingsBings, launched by Chef Ming Tsai in 2021, is one of the fastest-growing Asain-owned food brands in the country, specializing in ready-to-eat plant-based veggie pockets. MingsBings has experienced organic growth as a direct-to-consumer and retail brand from a passionate fan base. Due to popular demand, Chef Ming Tsai is now offering dipping sauces to bring a blast of flavor to every bite. The new Dippers line includes a collection of four versatile, plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free dipping sauces that can be used on bings and beyond, including:

  • Dim Sum Dipper – Soy’s Sassy Sister
    • From bings to potstickers, rangoons to fried chicken, and even Brussels sprouts, enjoy this gluten-free dipper as a soy sauce alternative, leveled-up with a kick of sambal heat.
  • Sweet Chili Dipper – Sweet, Spice & Everything Nice 
    • Sweet Chili Dipper will be your sweet and spicy sidekick on everything from bings to noodles and a tasty glaze for your meat, fish, and veggies. 
  • Turmeric Mustard Dipper – A Sunny Sauce for a Rainy Day
    • COMING SOON: MingsBings Turmeric Mustard Dipper blends the medicinal star-power of turmeric with a trio of mustards: Chinese hot, German whole grain, and French dijon, for a topping worthy of everything from bings to hot dogs to soft pretzels.
  • 8,000 Island Dipper – A Smooth Stroll to Paradise
    • COMING SOON: MingsBings 8,000 Island Dipper can serve as a perfect match for your bing, as a base for your favorite coleslaw, and as your burger’s new best friend.
MingsBings, Created by James Beard Award-Winner Chef Ming Tsai, Brings You MingsBings Dippers: A Delicious Collection of Chef-Created, Vegan Dipping Sauces

“2021 was the year MingsBings soared to new heights, and it was exciting to see so many people enjoying bings,” said Chef Ming Tsai, Founder, President, and Chairman at MingsBings. “Our customers were already dipping, drizzling, and spreading sauces on bings, and we had a high demand to create dipping sauces to pair not only with bings but with everyday eats. We are thrilled to introduce four versatile and chef-created “dippers” to households across the county.” 
MingsBings, best known for its array of bings, has taken the direct-to-consumer food world by storm with recent features in Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Buzzfeed, and Forbes.

MingsBings bings come in flavors like sausage and pepper, buffalo cauliflower, cheeseburger, fiesta, and veggie-filled, packed with flavor and are plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Now consumers can enjoy four new dipping sauces to accompany bings and beyond. 

Chef Ming Tsai is a restaurateur, cookbook author, and an Emmy Award-winning TV personality seen on many Food Network Shows and his longest-running cooking show, Simply Ming, on PBS. Chef Tsai not only believes your health is your wealth but believes in spreading that wealth by providing a healthy alternative for families. MingsBings’ brand commitment, “Eat Good. Feel Good. Do Good.,” represents Chef Ming Tsai’s mission to make plant-based food allergen-friendly, delicious, accessible, and convenient for as many people as possible. A portion of all MingsBings proceeds go to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Family Reach ​​to support cancer patients and their families.

MingsBings Dippers will be available nationally and sold individually for $9.99 and in bundles with the different MingsBings flavors at MingsBings Sweet Chili Dipper and Sim Dum Dipper are available for purchase today for shipping by February 28, with Turmeric Mustard Dipper and 8,000 Island Dipper availability to follow. To learn more, please visit and follow MingsBings on Instagram at @mingsbings.

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