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Chef Ming Tsai Launches MingsBings, the First Veggie Patty Packed with Whole, Nutrient-Dense Superfoods

Rooted in the belief that food is medicine for the body and soul, each veggie-filled Bing contains eight superfoods folded inside a brown rice wrapper.

BOSTON November 17, 2020 – Chef Ming Tsai, a world-renowned Asian-American chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, James Beard Award winner, Emmy Award winner, and host of the longest-running cooking show on PBS, today announces the highly anticipated launch of his first consumer packaged superfood product, MingsBings. MingsBings are easy-to-prepare veggie-filled patties that are vegan, gluten-free, food allergen-friendly, packed with whole vegetables, and are available for purchase online nationwide today.

Based on tradition, Chef Tsai transports the Bing from the Ming dynasty to the 21st century with a modern, delicious, healthy twist. Each ingredient was meticulously chosen for its unique flavor and health benefits, then folded into a gluten-free brown rice wrapper. Packed with 8 superfoods including edamame, watercress, pepitas, garlic, ginger, red onion, shiitake mushrooms, and brown rice, this new-age veggie patty has all the flavor and convenience of a delicious burger without the need for a carb-heavy bun. 

Chef Ming Tsai Launches MingsBings, the First Veggie Patty

“I have spent my entire career studying and practicing the ancient Asian philosophies surrounding ‘food as medicine.’ With MingsBings, I want to provide accessibility to plant-centric eating in an affordable, tasty, and sustainable way,” says Chef Ming Tsai, Founder of MingsBings. “My diet is centered around consuming a variety of foods I know will naturally support my immune system, lower inflammation, and help me live a longer fuller life. Everyone deserves that same opportunity; that’s my goal with MingsBings.”

83% of Americans are focusing on improving their health by transitioning to more plant-based alternatives, driving growth in an increasingly fragmented market (1). This lack of clear market leadership is sowing confusion around which products are best due to general dissatisfaction with flavor and texture. The plant-based food market will more than double over the next 5 years, making it a $55B market by 2024 (1), creating an enormous opportunity for MIngsBings to disrupt and expand the Veggie Patty category while also helping veg-curious flexitarians transition into more plant-based meal choices. According to Nielsen reports, Americans increased spending by +40% in the frozen aisle, a $15.5 billion spending increase during the COVID-19 pandemic (2). 


Chef Ming Tsai not only believes your health is your wealth but believes in spreading that wealth as well. A portion of MingsBings proceeds are donated to Family Reach and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, two organizations near and dear to Chef’s heart
Beginning today, consumers can purchase MingsBings online at ($59.99 for 12 or $99.99 for 24) or from select New England grocery stores in the coming weeks. To learn more, please visit and follow MingsBings on Instagram at @mingsbings.

Related Links 1.Global Plant-Based Food and Beverage Alternatives Market. BIS Research Inc.. August 2019


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