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Moms Pastries

With an endearing name, and such a cute edifice, I decided that I had to try out Moms Pastries. Contrary to what the name might insinuate, Moms Pastries is a café, that specializes in sandwiches, salads, pasta and breakfast dishes. I was surprised when I walked in and there were no bakes goods in sight. We sat down at a table inside and started to study the menu. The breakfast options, which I had received recommendations for, were not so appealing to me at 1 in the afternoon, so I decided to order the broccoli linguine with cream sauce as well as an eggplant parmesan panini.

Waiting time in Moms Pastries

After having decided what to order, it took around 20 minutes or so for the waiter to make his way over to our table. Given that the restaurant had around 3 or 4 staff working only 5 different parties, I was confused why there was such a delay. It took so long for the waiter to come that I forgot what I wanted to order by the time he finally reached our table.

Moms Pastries

First came the pasta. The linguine itself was fine. It could have been homemade, but it definitely didn’t taste any different from the linguine you buy from a box. The broccoli was actually quite delicious, very tender and well-seasoned. The cream sauce was basically nonexistent, and if it was even a bit visible it didn’t add any flavor whatsoever to the dish.

After my first bite I knew that if there would have been a bit of attention paid to the seasoning of the dish it could have been excellent, but there wasn’t even any salt or pepper on the table for me to give it that chance. I have heard that some people really enjoy the broccoli linguine, so if you would like to excuse my pessimistic view on the dish there are others who you could rely on for a positive review. However, I would not recommend this dish.

the eggplant parmesan panini

Next came the eggplant parmesan panini. This sandwich was perfect. The cheese oozed out of the sides just enough to add that eye candy effect when brought to the table, without being too messy when it was time to devour it. The eggplant was very tender and had a very nice tomato sauce on it. The flatbread that was used for the panini was crispy but didn’t crumble under pressure.

The panini came with some other fresh vegetables on the side, in a similar fashion that I have seen vegetables served alongside a burger. This confused me a bit because there was simply no room for lettuce anywhere in this sandwich at all. Maybe it was meant to be a side salad, but the amount that was served seemed like a peculiar amount to be a side salad. In addition to that there was no dressing served alongside it.

I would not like my confusion caused by the side vegetables to get in the way of my view of the panini itself. I would highly recommend this sandwich and might suggest getting takeout as opposed to sitting in because lazy service caused me to be there for around a half hour longer than I wanted to be.

I do hope that the service I received, as well as the tastelessness of the pasta, was a one-time fluke, and that next time I go to Moms Pastries I will have a better experience. However, I might need some time away from Moms Pastries to forget about the whole experience because it left a bad taste in my mouth.

address517 Central Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 11516
telephone+1 516-295-4441

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Yonah Kilimnick
Yonah Kilimnick
Hi everybody! My name is Yonah Chanan Kilimnick, and I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. In around 5th grade I came to the staunch realization that if I learned how to cook, I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. 5th grade coincidentally also became the time where I entered my chubby phase, and there is no coincidence there. Needless to say, I fell in love with cooking, with trying new and unusual flavors, experimenting with a myriad of cuisines, and of course going to as many different restaurants as possible. Being that I am an Observant Jew, I will only be reviewing Kosher Certified restaurants, which you can often find in large Jewish communities. Anyone who has ever eaten out with me knows that I can get a bit snobby when it comes to ordering the same thing more than once. I am a firm believer in always trying to expand your horizons and experience every different dish that the world has to offer. Of course, I have my favorite places, but the goal of my posts is to try to experience different things that your average Jewish diner would not necessarily try, as I do every time, I go out to eat.


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