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Morgantown, West Virginia’s Tea Time Bakery Caters to Your Sweet Tooth

Over the years, Morgantown hasn’t always had a lot offer when it came to specialty foods and restaurants. But, as Morgantown has grown, so have the businesses. And with these changes came an increase in just the types of foods that were often out of reach for locals like me.

This is why, when a unique, hole in the wall bakery opened up in Morgantown several years ago, I was shocked to find that they offered homemade baked goods that just couldn’t be found anywhere else in town. Tea Time Bakery is situated in the Westover area of town. I was used to just getting baked goods at grocery stores growing up. In Morgantown, we have several Kroger stores, Giant Eagles, and other grocery shops with in-house bakeries. These are fine enough, if you just want traditional iced cupcakes and cookie cakes for parties. But sometimes we crave something a little more special to the taste bud. Something with more life and artisanship that goes into it. Luckily, that’s what Tea Time Bakery has to offer.

Fresh cupcakes on display at Tea Time Bakery.
Image c/o Hannah Wyatt

When you first approach this bakery, you may be wondering how they could serve as many options as I’m about to mention below. This is because the sheer size of the small building is hardly big enough to seat more than two or three tables. The atmosphere is simple; no bells or whistles are used here to draw you in. But once you taste their treats, you’ll know exactly why people come back.

They offer way more inside those walls than you might expect. Tea Time Bakery serves a wide variety of pastries and Asian pastries, baked goods, donuts, desserts, pepperoni rolls, and more. You can also order fresh coffee with your sweets while you dine there. They offer reasonable prices and one of the most diverse bakery menus you’ll find in Morgantown.

Pastries available at Tea Time Bakery.
Image c/o Hannah Wyatt

Inside the donuts showcase at Tea Time Bakery.
Image c/o Hannah Wyatt

For donut lovers in particular, Tea Time is a must-see. I don’t have a very sweet tooth myself, so when I do try pastries and desserts, I tend to lean towards ones with a hint of savory or salty. For me, donuts somehow meet those requirements, especially chocolate dipped donuts. Tea Time Bakery offers a huge variety of donut options, as you can see from this picture. More specifically, though, they have the following flavors: Sugar, Glazed, Chocolate Glazed, Double Chocolate, and more.

One really unique thing about Tea Time is that they offer a fusion of different cultural pastries. Some of their items are influenced by traditional French recipes, while others provide distinctly Asian flavors. You can find this specifically in their Green Tea flavored items, like their Green Tea Cupcakes. There is also rich Asian influence in their vast sweet bun menu. For lovers of Japanese buns, this bakery is the place to go. You really can’t find specialty foods like this in places like Morgantown. Maybe if you head to a more metropolitan area, but really, this is the place to get it in West Virginia.

Inside the donuts showcase at Tea Time Bakery.
Image c/o Hannah Wyatt

You can order from the bun menu at Tea Time and have your choice of flavors like Milky Filling, Red Bean, Butter Cream, Custards, Spring Onion, and several more!

Tea Time also offers more traditional bakery items if that’s what you want. You can order from a variety of cupcakes, as pictured below.

Fresh cupcakes on display at Tea Time Bakery.
Image c/o Hannah Wyatt

And lastly, they couldn’t get away with their bakery title without some of the great European-styled classics, like puff pastries, Danish fruit pastries, éclairs, fruit tarts, breads, and more.

Pastries available at Tea Time Bakery.
Image c/o Hannah Wyatt

Tea Time Bakery offers something fresh and new in terms of baked goods in West Virginia. Stop in to try a sweet treat for yourself.

185 Holland Avenue
26501 Westover, West Virginia

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Hannah Wyatt
Hannah Wyatt is a freelance writer from Morgantown, WV. She writes poetry, academic papers, as well as online articles and web content.


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