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My Favorite Products: Trader Joe's

Yes – I’m one of those people. I cannot hide my love for all things Trader Joe’s! From the produce to the frozen goods to the snacks and other goodies, I enjoy trying something new every time I walk in. Here are a few of my favorite products today.

Trader Joe’s Organic Buffalo Style Hummus

Trader Joe’s Organic Buffalo Style Hummus

Advertised as smooth and creamy – the texture comes across as more of a party dip then what you’d expect for hummus. With a heat factor of almost zero (seriously – this barely has any bite to it at all), but packed with all the flavor you’d expect from a buffalo style snack, this is very versatile product that can be used in many different ways and please many different people. This can be used as a dip with chips, bread, or crackers, or can be used as a sandwich topping or an ingredient in any buffalo style meal.

Trader Giotto’s Glaze

Trader Giotto’s Glaze

This is a family favorite and refrigerator staple in our house. This balsamic glaze comes out thick and is both sweet and satisfyingly savory at the same time. It can be used in many different scenarios – believe me, I’ve tried them all! It goes great on top of homemade or take-out pizza, used as a flavor enhancer for any pasta or protein, for even as a dip for bread. In our house, we’ve even drizzled it on top of fresh mozzarella cheese for a decadent snack.

Kettle Corn

Trader Joe’s Lite Kettle Corn

Trader Joe’s Lite Kettle Corn

I love kettle corn. In fact – who doesn’t love kettle corn? At all times, our family almost always has a bag in our house – and we ALWAYS stop and buy some when we come across it freshly prepared. Now – this may not taste as good as kettle corn that you’d purchase at a fair or carnival, but it is still incredibly satisfying.

This kettle corn can be purchased either in large bags or in a package of 6 smaller, snack-sized bags. We generally purchase the smaller bags – making this a perfect snack to throw a lunch box for work or school.

It is equally salty and sweet, and equally crunchy and soft. This is Trader Joe’s ‘light’ version of kettle corn – and even though it’s advertises as having 50% less fat than regular kettle corn, it doesn’t take like any flavor is being sacrificed.

Sriracha Sauce
Trader Joe’s Sriracha Sauce

Trader Joe’s Sriracha Sauce

It’s the hot sauce with a cult following. There have been many variations made of the original – and this is a great varietal. It is both spicy and sweet. It burns at first but the heat doesn’t linger on like some other hot sauces. All of the flavors that this sauce brings out are nicely balanced from beginning to end.

This sauce can be used as a flavor enhancer for most foods, but also stands out on it’s own to be used as a dip or as an ingredient in a dip. I have used it on pizza and on cold pasta salads to add flavor – but also mixed it with mayonnaise and ketchup to create flavorful dipping sauces.

Olive Oil
Trader Joe’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trader Joe’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trader Joe’s has a large variety of different olive oils available on their shelves. Trader Joe’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in a larger bottle at a similar value to the cheaper store brand bottle. It also comes with a very handy easy-pour cap.

I had been purchasing the cheapest bottle on the shelf at Trader Joe’s for awhile, but after being inspired by a few Netflix documentaries to elevate the fats that I use in my cooking. This varietal of olive oil has added great flavors to everything I cook with it. The advertising on the bottle notes that it has a “robust, fruity flavor” and a “full-bodied taste”. I really wish that I could come up with better words to describe how this comes across – but I can’t – that description is very accurate.

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Schuyler Traudt
Schuyler Traudt
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