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Nairobi Street Food

Welcome to Kenya, a country situated on the eastern coastline of Africa. Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa bordering the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. Neighboring countries include Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Unique Kenyan physiography, from highlands to glaciers, supports abundant and varied wildlife of scientific and economic value.

The country is home to some of the best national parks and game reserves in Africa with diverse ecosystems, from snowcapped mountains, semi-arid desert regions and rainforests, to acacia-studded savannahs, flamingo lakes, white palm-fringed ocean beaches and coral reefs. Sitting astride the equator, Kenya enjoys a good year-round climate and has a sophisticated infrastructure with a variety of excellent accommodation options in hotels, lodges, luxury camps, tree hotels and even private luxury mobile camps in prime wildlife locations.

Welcome to Nairobi the capital city in the republic, Nairobi is a home to over 20million citizens who run different business entities. The common business being run on the streets. The street market is a popular and commonly done by the average citizen.

On the street, you will find more business ranging from selling clothes to shoes and even animals. The most common being the street food. Delicious meals are prepared and often sold on the streets for the average citizen.

The street foods being sold range from Shawarma, Mutura, Smokie and the delicious Goat head. All this food is on high demand especially during meal times. You won’t pass like two streets without bumping into any of these street foods.

The shawarma commonly referred to as the African-Arab cake is sold on the streets at a price of $2 which is equivalent to Ksh 200.Shawarma is specifically prepared by experience people since it carries with its procedures which are not easy to understand unless you are a qualified chef. The cake is prepared using Chicken and bread, the chicken is grilled using a special grill machine known as Chicken Rail. After the grilling of the chicken, it is cut into small pieces which are then packed into a bag like baked bread. Using special cabbage mixture of spices, it’s the packed together then heated to perfection. After a few minutes the shawarma is ready for consumption.

Street egg which is commonly known as “mayai pasua” is a special street delicacy which is easy to prepare. The delicacy involves an egg which is boiled till it cooks with a mixture of tomatoes and onions commonly referred to as “kachumbari”. This is common delicacy because its affordable and easy to prepare. The street egg cost $0.20 which is around ksh 20.

The Goat head is a major delicacy, especially in areas where business is common. The meal involves Preparation of Goat heads boiling them till soft. The heads are the cut into pieces to reveal the inner meat of the head. The meal is easy to prepare because it involves Boiling of the goat head then removal on the inner soft meat. The delicacy is served with ugali or chapati. Kachumbari is usually an accompaniment to this delicacy.

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