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New Jersey Dining Adventure

My name is Jerrene Flounoy, and I would like to introduce my experiences at restaurants I’ve been to in my town or other states. My interests are animals, cooking, poetry, and reading. enjoy learning new skills in different hobbies.

In my career, I worked as a Kennel Attendant, Veterinary Assistant, Grooming Assistant, and a Kitchen Attendant for a hotel restaurant.

I have three siblings, mother and father which I can admit they keep me motivated to keep pushing forward.

As an adult, I realized during my childhood in the 90’s, there were limited places to dine in. There were fast food places such as Wendy’s, White Castle, McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Popeye’s.

Restaurant Image 3
Source: Red Lobster Website

On birthdays or holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day my family enjoyed dining at Red Lobster. As a child, I thought Red Lobster was an establishment for individuals who were well to do with excellent jobs. In my generation, I grew up in a time when my mother cooked at home for my sister’s and I.

We ate whatever our mom cooked. No negotiations.When my family and I dined out at a restaurant, it was a decision when my mom didn’t feel like cooking on the weekends.

Now in 2019, there are so many food establishments to choose from with different cuisine styles from every culture.

I would like to share my dining experiences at the restaurants in my neighborhood.

In middle school, my friends and I would go to the local restaurants after school in the village area of Maplewood.

I recall going to the Roman Gourmet to purchase a cheese pizza slice with a soda, lemonade, or iced tea. The Roman Gourmet is a popular restaurant with any Italian dish you could think of. When you visit the pizzeria, you’ll receive wonderful service and the food is worth the visit.

There are many food selections such as Ziti Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Tomato, Cheese and Basil Pizza, Empanadas, Italian Cheese Steaks, and Sicilian Pizza.

The location of this restaurant is 153 Maplewood, Avenue, Maplewood, New Jersey 07040.

The Bagel Chateau is another establishment known for their famous Bacon Egg and Cheese on a toasted bagel. As a teenager, I would meet up with my friends to purchase breakfast before class. This restaurant is a popular place to go when you want a delicious breakfast in a hurry. The food is prepared fresh with natural ingredients.

Bagel Chateau has amazing food selections such as the breakfast special, cereal, salads, burgers, subs, and breakfast sandwiches like Taylor ham and cheese, Bacon or Sausage, Egg and cheese.

This restaurant is a staple of my junior high school experience that I’ll always remember. On Valentine’s Day, the bagels were red to celebrate February 14th. During Saint Patrick’s Day the bagels were dyed green with a choice of butter or cream cheese.

The restaurant is located 180 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood, New Jersey 07040.

My world opened up for me in high school since we were allowed to go out for lunch at the local restaurants in the neighborhood.

On Thursday and Friday, I would go out for lunch at the local pizzeria, A&P, and PathMark.

For the rest of the week, I would bring my lunch from home because I wanted to save my money for new school clothes.

While attending school, I began to build friendships with my classmates who had the same lunch period as myself.

Maplewood NJ
Maplewood NJ December 2005 Source: Wikimedia Commons

When I went out to lunch with my friends, I noticed a popular West Indian establishment called J&J Caribbean Restaurant. They served delicious food such as Oxtails, Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable Patties, fish, Roti with Beef, and Jerk Pork Stew. The beef Patty with cheese on Coco bread is amazing. Each time when I have a little spending money I would purchase one.

The restaurant is located 390 Valley Street, South Orange, New Jersey 07079.

After school, my mother, younger sisters, and I would go to the local pizzeria called Maplewood Pizzeria and Family Restaurant on Fridays to purchase Zeppoles. Every Friday I would look forward to the taste of crispy and fluffy goodness of fried dough in powdered sugar.

On Saturdays, we would go to the pizzeria to get an extra cheese pizza pie for our annual movie and pizza night. The pizza is absolutely delicious from the sweet and savory sauce to the fluffy crust. As a customer, you will never be disappointed with the pizza’s taste.

This restaurant serves pizza selections such as Cheese, Margherita Pizza, Pan and Personal Pizza.

They are located 489 Valley Street, Maplewood, New Jersey 07040.

I am glad to share my personal experiences about these restaurants in my neighborhood.

Hopefully, these articles will be relatable to a time when you created memories at your favorite restaurant with friends and family.

I believe life is all about great friends, wonderful memories, and delicious food!

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Jerrene Flounoy
Jerrene Flounoy
My name is Jerrene Flounoy, and I would like to introduce my experiences at restaurants I've been to in my town or other states. My interests are animals, cooking, poetry, and reading. I enjoy learning new skills in different hobbies.


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