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Opopop, Creator of Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels,Debuts Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups

A snack-sized portion of popcorn, wrapped in an innovative package, perfect for snackers

DENVER, Colo. – Jan. 19, 2022 –  Opopop, the beloved popcorn brand best known for their Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels, today announced their latest innovative product offering, Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups. An interactive combo of raw Opopop kernels, paired with a mouthwatering flavor core, Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups are easy to make quick batches in Opopop’s reusable silicone microwave popping bowl. Opopop’s Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups are now available for purchase online in four exclusive flavors: Salty Caramel, Like Buddahh, Vanilla Vanilla, and Lightly Salted. 

Opopop launched in June 2021 with their proprietary popcorn flavor-delivery technique, Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels. Since its inception, Opopop has shipped popcorn to over 30,000 homes around the United States, expanded its retail footprint to include Foxtrot Markets, Nordstrom, and, and experienced 500% revenue growth between October through December 2021.

“Here at Opopop, we are on a mission to reinvent America’s favorite snack. By combining unexpected flavor profiles with new ways to pop, we are creating a popcorn revolution,” said Sarah McDowell, president of Opopop. “Pop Cups were born to make snacking more interactive, delicious and desirable, and we believe we have done just that. After a rewarding first year, and 100,000 lbs of handmade popcorn later, we’re ecstatic to start 2022 with the launch of our Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups on National Popcorn Day.” 

What’s more, Opopop has reissued their beloved holiday flavor, Salty Caramel, for their Pop Cups. Each Peel + Pour Popcorn Cup is 40g of popcorn, which is about 5 cups popped, making it the perfect snack-sized portion. All pop cups are easy to use, mess free, recyclable, and microwave-ready.

Additional details on the flavor profiles include:

  • Like Buddahh – Stream worthy butter flavored deliciousness. 
  • Vanilla Vanilla – Double the vanilla flavored goodness.
  • Salty Caramel – A bunch of caramel flavored crunch. 
  • Lightly Salted – It might be simple, but it’s far from basic.

Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups can be purchased online at for National Popcorn Day at the introductory price of $19.99 per 4-pack (12 pop cups), or $29.99 for a Discovery Kit, which includes a 4-pack and an Opopop Popper. 

To learn more about Opopop’s Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups and stay up to date with new product launches and brand news, visit and follow Opopop on Instagram at @opopopco.


About OpopopOpopop is an innovative gourmet popcorn brand on a mission to completely redefine what consumers should expect from popcorn. Opopop is the inventor and manufacturer of Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels and Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups. Consumers can purchase Opopop’s flavors in a variety of delicious popcorn packs, including the beloved Discovery Kit. Opopop products are made for a new generation of popcorn lovers. For more information, visit and follow us on social media @opopopco.

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