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Why You Should Learn to Cook During College

Eating in college is hard. Period. Whether it comes down to cost, accessibility, or time, most college students would concede to the fact that when you’re...

Review of Coffeehouses in Downtown Morgantown, WV

Downtown Morgantown, WV, sits just below the PA/WV border. If you travel north about 60 miles, you’ll hit the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But if...

Street Foods of Assam

Momos Although Momos weren’t native to Assam, over the last decade or so they have become a signature easy to grab meal, especially popular amongst youngsters In...

Yummy: Malawi’s Best Street Food

When traveling in Malawi, you can be certain of finding delicious street food throughout the day even night hours. Forget fancy eateries or Starbucks for your...

Top 10 Local Traditional Dishes in Venezuela

Venezuela, speaking about food and traditional dishes, is one of the most iconic countries in South America. Its variety and its very unique way of...
Ingoma Dance

Why are tourists coming to Malawi? Have you traveled to Malawi before?

Malawi situated in the heart of Africa at the southern end of East Africa’s Rift Valley with a diversity of attractions that is its...

10 Authentic Traditional Malawian Delicacies

You just need to ask a Malawian about their traditional comfort food and most certainly they will scream "nsima with chambo" with no hesitation. The...

Top 10 local traditional dishes of Pakistan

Pakistan lies in South Asia and Pakistani cuisines are influenced by various cultural, historical and regional cooking styles. In Pakistani cooking, you will find elements...
Swiss Dishes

7 traditional Swiss dishes you have to try

From A as in Älpler Magronen to Z as in Zürigschnätzlets Traditional Swiss cuisine varies from region to region. In today’s globalized world, however, many...

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