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Delicious (semi-healthy) breakfast sandwich

This breakfast idea is almost entirely healthy in my opinion. Sure it has a few slices of bacon, some cheese, and a bit of...
What's for breakfast? Eggs in a basket

What’s for breakfast?

Eggs in a basket Not long ago I did an experiment with the eggs in a basket concept. I used leftover mashed potatoes instead of...
Warm breakfast salad

Recipe creations from my kitchen to yours!Warm breakfast salad

Now, this spark of inspiration breakfast experiment may throw some of you for a loop. Why? Well, because it combines cabbage, onions, hard-boiled eggs,...
Brussels for breakfast!

Brussels for Breakfast!

Eating Brussels sprouts for breakfast is not as taboo as you may think! Recently, I bought a bundle of farm-fresh Brussels sprouts from a local business,...
Breakfast for Dinner!

Breakfast for Dinner!

All the yumminess of breakfast enjoyed later in the day! Growing up, having breakfast for dinner was a treat! It usually meant my mom didn't have...
Santa Claus

My Christmas morning breakfast casserole recipe!

I have made this recipe for the last few years for my family to enjoy as breakfast Christmas morning. The first year that I made it,...
Eggy truth

The eggy truth: discovering the facts about this popular breakfast food

Eggs can come from several sources including reptiles, mammals, amphibians, fish, and of course, birds! All bird eggs are labeled edible except for wild pitohui and...

Beyran Soup: A Gaziantep Breakfast Specialty

0 Today we are in Gaziantep, Turkey Gaziantep has a history of almost 6000 years . In Neolithic period (Polished Stone Age) began. This city be home...

Turkish Breakfast

If you are visiting the Turkey, you must surely see İzmir. Izmir is one of the perfect places in the world to spend a happy holiday...
Washington DC

A Transformative Breakfast

I grew up outside of DC, in the Maryland suburb of Germantown. If I hadn’t moved with my mom down to North Carolina when I...

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