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Passion for pizza

Pizza. It’s everyone’s favorite food…or at least it should be. There’s something to be said about pizza. It brings and bonds people together. It can be customized to suit everyone’s preference. It can be eaten literally anytime of day! Pizza is love, satisfaction, and a whole lotta happiness.

Passion for Pizza

Three billion pizzas are sold in the US every year.

Three billion pizzas are sold in the US every year. Three billion!! That’s three billion chances for people to come together to the table and eat. (Assuming they aren’t eating the whole pie themselves ) Pizza makes everyone happy. The pickiest eaters (aka kids) will eat it, adults will eat it, even the elderly will surely put in their dentures to make sure they can get in on the action!

It’s for the young and the old and the in between. Pizza is an all occasion food too. Pizza is suitable for movie nights, raduations, birthdays, heck I even had pizza at my best friend’s wedding!

Pizza can be given as a gift in the form of a gift card too! When I order pizza at my house, I set it on the kitchen table as soon as it arrives. We open the box and eat it with our bare hands slice by slice! No plates, or utensils needed which means more time spent with my family by having no dishes to clean! Pizza truly has the power to bring friends and families together. Bonding over pizza is one of my favorite things to do.

passion for pizza

Pizza is also one of the few foods that can be made or ordered to everyone’s liking. Pizza comes in all different sizes from personal to party sized. From rectangle and square cut to round and triangular cut, each slice is appealing to the eye. The box it comes in just screams happiness. Cheese is another customizable option on pizza.

There’s plenty to choose from. Ooey gooey mozzarella to sophisticated Parmesan. Or bold ricotta to vegan options as well! And let’s not forget about the sauce. It can be made without sauce if you prefer but I myself can’t live without the garlicky white sauce. There’s also the standard tomato sauce and even pesto sauce as a choice. Don’t even get me started on the toppings.

My personal favorite is veggie pizza.

My personal favorite is veggie pizza. Load it up with some crunchy onions and succulent green peppers or black olives and fibrous spinach. There’s also meat options from the popular Italian pepperoni to seasoned sausage or hamburger. Then there’s the specialty pizzas; Hawaiian, chicken and bacon, veggie delight, meat lovers, the list goes on! And the crust! Holy heavens! The crust! Thin crust to deep dish to stuffed crust to English muffins or even tortillas used as crust. Pizza can also be made to suit everyone’s dietary preference as well. From gluten free to cauliflower crust, it can be prepared so many different ways so no one has to miss out. There is no limitation to the creation of pizza!

passion for pizza

Pizza is not only the most versatile food for how it is prepared but it is also the most versatile for when it can be eaten! When you think of scrambled eggs, most people categorize that as a breakfast food. Ice cream as a dessert food, a salad as a lunch food etc. But pizza can be eaten anytime! Pizza can be eaten for breakfast cold leftover from the night before. It can be eaten for snack as bagel bite pizzas or pizza roll ups. It can be eaten for lunch as a lot of places sell by the slice or grab a microwaveable frozen option.

It can be eaten for dinner after a long day of work. My personal favorite time of day to enjoy it. Pizza can be divulged at 2am after a long night of partying…or studying? Pizza is also the easiest food to find! There are even apps you can download (slice, one bite, etc.) dedicated to finding local pizzerias to satisfy your needs no matter where you are! Pizza can be found on almost any menu at any restaurant you go to. It’s not like some random food, take jackfruit for example where you have to really search hard for. Pizza is attainable and available everywhere.

As I stated before, pizza should be everyone’s favorite food. It is without a doubt my favorite and the undisputed champion of all meals. It is the Oprah Winfrey of foods. It strengthens relationships and promotes family time. It can be prepared however your heart desires and according to your lifestyle or dietary needs.

Pizza can be found all over the world. There’s so many options. You can eat it anywhere and at any time with anyone! You can have it healthy and homemade, cold or hot, delivery or dine it. The options are endless. Go on and Gordon Ramsey it up in your kitchen, or dominoes track it to your house. However you get it, just go get it; you’ll thank me later.

Pizza and restaurant in pictures are from Pagliacci’s Restaurant in Plainville, CT. I had the small mozzarella, spinach, ricotta and garlic pizza. 11$ but I would’ve paid a million. Pizza is love.

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Tyne Melrose
Tyne Melrose
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