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Philly Cheesesteak, making the iconic sandwich

The Philly cheesesteak, an infamous sandwich, nearly everyone knows about the savory steak and the caramelized vegetables that rest between slices of fresh toasty bread. I was glad to come across a very bright and noticeable food truck that provided this very sandwich.

Philly Cheesesteak, making the iconic sandwich

They call themselves Philly Cheesesteak

They call themselves Philly Cheesesteak, quite honestly with a lack of creativity. The name simply just tells you what they make without adding much imagination or fun to the experience. The upside to the physical look of the food truck is the color. They choose a deep, bright red that pops from across the parking lot. Definitely the right move to choose a noticeable color. Their logo contrasts the bright red with a golden yellow, showcasing the image of what looks like an old church or possibly a historical mission. Possibly a nod to the owner or to the goal they strive to create with their food.

Philly Cheesesteak, making the iconic sandwich

“…commit to the idea of a lot of cheese.”

They have kept the menu very traditional

They have kept the menu very traditional with what you’ve seen at other Philly cheesesteak shops. A handful of different types of Philly cheesesteak; bacon, mushroom, Italian, garlic and BBQ options. They also have a variety of hamburgers in either a cheeseburger, bacon or mushroom option. Then there’s the fries, quite a lot to chooses from.

They’re the nice thick steak cut fries that have a melting crunch to them while being so incredibly soft on the inside. You can get their fries either as original, garlic, cheese, bacon ranch, or in a Philly cheesesteak option. Throw in a couple off theme items like a jumbo corndog and gyro and you got yourself a pretty standard menu with a little bit of quirks.

The food came out quick, as you’d expect from a food truck. In a single take out foam container was my original Philly cheesesteak and a huge handful of fries. I opted to get a flood of melted cheese on top because if you’re going to eat this sandwich might as well commit to the idea of lot of cheese. It did not disappoint.

Steak was nice and juicy, vegetables were seared with the perfect amount of browning with slice upon slice holding it all together like glue, gripping the sides of the bread. I mainly got the additional melted cheese on top just to dip the fries in, we’ve all done it and it always taste so good. Such a solid sandwich with no leftovers to waste.

Philly Cheesesteak, making the iconic sandwich

“Philly Cheesesteak is known for being full of everything that is so bad for you while being so inherently good for you at the same time.”

The Philly cheesesteak food truck is a good option for an easy, quick, fatty satisfying meal. I wouldn’t put it top of the tier of the countless other restaurants that have not only made but also perfected this famous sandwich, but it will do. It will do if you’re out having a drunken night with friends, it’ll do if you’re tired and want something that will fill you up for the money’s worth and it’ll do if you are simply just obsessed with Philly Cheesesteak.

Drunk, tired or wearing a pair of rose-colored Philly Cheesesteak glasses you’ll definitely be able to find the truck with the scream of its color radiating light off of it like it’s calling a satellite.

 I finished my sandwich with a sense of being overly full and eating enough grease, fat and oils to go above and beyond my daily allotted amount. Let’s be honest with ourselves though, you can’t be upset over it if you choose to make this a meal. Philly Cheesesteak is known for being full of everything that is so bad for you while being so inherently good for you at the same time. Thanks, Philly, for perfecting a staple of a sandwich.

Written and photographed by Morgen Sechler – 6/27/2020

address1619 East Hammer Ln #110 Stockton, CA 95210
telephone+1 209-951-9538

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