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What About the Pizza Chain Pieology?

There was a newcomer on the pizza scene in 2015. Pizza Pieology at the restaurant and its spectacular ascent in the pizza sector of the fast food business are presented by Business Insider. According to Business Insider, the pathology spread so swiftly that it put other pizza restaurants on the verge of going out of business. Biology has not expanded its operation to the entire United States, and we haven’t heard from them in a long time. So we looked into the chain’s history and present operations to see what had happened to it and how it was doing now.

A Basic Introduction to Pieology

Carl Chang, Pieology’s founder and CEO, is the company’s dream. He had a vision to create a fast and laid-back pizza chain that would set itself apart from the competition. He wants his visitors to feel cheerful and at ease in their surroundings. As a result, he co-founded the pizza business with his partner and sprayed his wife’s inspirational slogans on the walls.

The first restaurant opened in 2011 and has since grown to 55 franchised locations. They’ve set a target of 110 locations by 2017 and more than 500 open and functioning eateries by 2020.

The pies were baked in three minutes in a stone oven, with a starting price of $ 7.95. Customers may choose between gluten-free, whole wheat, or white pizza dough, as well as sauces and toppings.


The Pieology team uses social media to encourage consumers to snap images of their favorite pies and share them. Pieology remained committed to its objective of becoming America’s top pizza restaurant, and as part of its business plan, it provided franchise options. assisting in the achievement of stated objectives

They started looking for a location for the first restaurant in Santa Margarita Ranch, California. MOD Pizza and Blaze Pizza were among the competitors. There were 35 shops in eight states in 2014. In 2015, the bulk of pieology locations were in Southern California, but the company had expanded to one location in Mexico and had 140 chain restaurants in 23 states by the end of the year. The first Pieology restaurants debuted in Guam, an American territory, and Aina Haina, Hawaii, in 2016.

What Makes Biotechnology Different?

Mr. Chang has set up the Pieology restaurants to manufacture 150 made-to-order pizzas in an hour, which isn’t quite as fast as the competition, which averages 175 pizzas per hour on a busy day.

The ingredients are what make Pieology pizza stand out. It’s not just about picking the style of crust you want; it’s also about the house value, which provides the dough a distinct flavor as a basis. Then choose from red, olive oil, buffalo, pesto, Alfredo tri-cheese, herb butter, or barbeque sauces.

Traditional mozzarella, parmesan, feta, ricotta, gorgonzola, and even a vegan mozzarella voice are among the cheeses used. Chang is a genuine cheese expert, knowing how to select the greatest flavor and texture. Pieology shreds all of its cheeses internally to obtain perfect breadth and length. Then there’s the topping of tomatoes and herbs, which hasn’t been planned. They’ve strived for individuality in all they’ve done, and pairing has largely succeeded.

Make the Experience Unique

Chang’s goal was to ensure that each pizza was offered at a price of $ 8 or less and was precisely personalized with an unlimited number of toppings.

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop their unique components. They’ve already put their customized supply of basic components, like as flour and toppings, to the test. It’s not just a bespoke pizza shop; it’s a pizzeria where customers are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and become creative with their pizza orders. Another fantastic feature of Pelology is that if a consumer is dissatisfied with their pizza, they can request a replacement at no cost. They invest a lot of time and work into greeting all clients and establishing a family atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease. One component of this job is to hire people who are enthusiastic about what they do aspire to be a member of the squad Chang wants to make sure that all workplaces strike a healthy balance between preserving a family atmosphere and encouraging employees to strive for excellence. This aim may be difficult to attain in some locations, but it corresponds to the overall impression that consumers experience when they visit the premises. As a result, it’s critical that everyone in the team be on the same page.



Psychology was thriving, and the results were positive. It was time to have a look at some of their major rivals. Project Pie was the first one they came upon. They discovered the restaurant chain at the end of 2016, which was nestled amid the massive pizza chain that was spreading like wildfire. In 2018, Pieology officials made the decision to build a store in Polanco, Mexico City, as well as a location in Spain. When you visit the Pieology website, you’ll discover that you can buy your pizzas online, giving you plenty of time to explore the various varieties of dough, sauces, and toppings available. It’s more than just opening your own pizzeria since they provide so much support.

There are so many toppings and intriguing flavors that it’s almost like a buffet where you can build your own pizza. Pizza is not only cooked to your requirements, but it is also stylish and distinctive. These pies are baked by trained artisans who take their occupations extremely seriously. Another element that distinguishes them from the competition is this. Why settle for a mediocre pizza when you can have one that is nearly flawless?

Is This Still the Channel With the Fastest Growth?

Pieology was rated the greatest pizza establishment in America and the fastest growing chain, but have they met their objectives and will they continue to develop at such a rapid pace? We wanted to learn more about Pieology’s development in recent years. So we went to to see what they had to say about it.

New Pieology Investors

Panda Express has made a significant investment in the Pieology restaurant chain, according to our research. Panda Express, a Chinese restaurant business, has purchased a minority investment in Pieology Pizzeria, a fast-growing pizza brand. The corporation has purchased a tiny part in the pizzerias, which are helping to boost the company’s budget. Early in 2016, the investment was made. Kevin Durant also bought a piece in Pieology in 2017, although he didn’t say how much he invested.

Changes in Management and Continuous Expansion

We also recently discovered that Gregg Imamoto has been promoted to CEO. The pizzeria company has also included new menu items, such as plant-based protein that may be used as a meat alternative for folks who don’t consume animal products. This demonstrates how Pieology is always adapting and evolving in order to satisfy its clients and provide them with healthy options regardless of how they want their pizza delivered.

They’ve also relocated me to various locations, including a non-traditional college campus, and they’ve even offered special discounts in conjunction with ‘National Pi Day’ and the Cheese Raffle Contest. If you’re wondering if Biology is constantly on the move, the answer is no. They’ve only opened new locations in the United States and one in Spain.

There Are a Lot of Closed Units in This Combination

The shutdown of certain Pieology locations has raised worries. This occurred in the first half of 2018. There is no need to be concerned because the firm is undergoing restructuring.

Pieology had to focus on their business because just six of its locations were shuttered. All of these places belonged to society. Pieology’s executives concluded that a strategic reorganization of the firm was in need, and they shuttered the company’s restaurants. Their new objective was to focus more on franchise operations.

There’s also a focus on international expansion, with only two locations outside of the US. They’ve made it to Iowa and Utah, with New York City’s Manhattan and Brooklyn destinations recently added.

Last Thoughts

Pieology has 140 locations in the United States and two in other countries, according to the most recent count. Although numerous adjustments have been done since they initially started in 2011, they are continually opening additional sites. The entrepreneur has kept the original concept for the pizza business and is constantly improving it in order to make it more efficient. still. customer-centered Customers feel at ease in a happy environment with Pieology, which gives them confidence and allows them to express themselves creatively.

They urge people to create their pizzas with their imaginations and to snap images of their creations to share on social media. There aren’t many pizza restaurants in the world that charge $ 8 for a bespoke pizza with limitless toppings, but that is their claim to fame. They’re still as unusual in the pizza world as they were when they first started out in the fast food market.

The duo didn’t give up a single inch of ground. While they haven’t gone public yet, investors are placing bets on the firm. While they haven’t yet come up with Dominos or Blaze, they clearly stand out in the sector and have a lot of competition in their wings. Will Pieology be able to catch up to and perhaps surpass the expectations of industry leaders in the pizza industry? It remains to be seen, but they are still on a strong trajectory, and the angles are most likely on their side.

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