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Popular Macedonian Beverages

Macedonian cuisine is rich, wouldn’t this be just a hint that the beverages here are also unique and are even in a broader range? Well yes! There are drinks that can be served even as an appetizer, make a meal even tastier or even have one glass on an empathy stomach.

Our tradition is somewhat odd when it comes to beverages because alcohol has the spotlight and even if a person drinks daily is not an issue here. And again, our cultural mix from the past made sure that we now have one of the best drinks.

We love to drink. But I am not talking about alcohol. We enjoy good and strong coffee in the morning. In fact, almost no one can start their day without having a good cup of “Turkish coffee.


1. Turkish Coffee

When someone asks you “ would you want to go for a coffee” or “come over for a coffee” there is always a hidden message there. Well, yes, most of the time you will have your coffee but there are times that those phrases are just used to ask for a company and to have a good time. Every morning we start with a “Turkish Coffee” before our breakfast and before anything else. It seems like we can’t go on with our daily obligations without one. And of course, the total coffees (approximately) that we drink is 3-4 cups per day. Again, those are small cups, and the coffee here has a strong taste and it is very high in coffee.


2. Rakia (Macedonian Brandy)

If you ask for an alcoholic beverage in Macedonian household you will first be offered “Rakia”. Maybe we don’t always have a beer, wine, vodka at home but we do have “Rakia”. Rakia is a traditional alcoholic beverage that is made from different fruits, but the most common one is grapes. It is one strong beverage that usually has 50%-60% Alcohol.

There are even households that consider this drink as a ritual and it is associated whit many important events. It is like Macedonian people are always finding a good excuse to have one glass.


3. Wine

Wine is one beverage in Macedonia that is a few centuries old and it is one of the finest qualities of wine in the world. There are many privet wineries that produce a great amount of different wine even if this is a small country. If you love wine you will defiantly love our brands. Some of the red varieties Kratoshija and Vranec are in depend in many contraries in Europe and other markets.

Also, the white varieties are unique and really marked with unique taste. Most notable are Temjanika nd Zilavka. Some popular brands are “Tikvesh”, “Stobi” and “Vranec”.

You can also sign for a tour to visit the best wineries and you will definitely have a great experience if you do so. There are many things to see and taste.

4. Macedonian Beer

Just like the other Macedonian hard drinks, the Beer is also string in alcohol, 11%. Also, it has a strong flavor that it will be best to pair with some appetizers or drink it right after a meal. The best brands of beers here are “Skopsko” and “Zlaten Dab”.


5. Tea

Here you can find a lot of imported tea but what this country is distinguished by is the domestic herbs. There are so many herbs that I can’t count and this is thanks to the continental and Mediterranean breeze, sunshine and steep hills. The best place to buy them is in the farmers’ markets.

Now, you see that Macedonian culture is not just about the rich, unique and delicious cuisine but also there are amazing beverages. After all, when a foreigner visits he always leaves with a bottle of good quality “Rakia” and is mostly given as a farewell from our Macedonian heart.

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