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Pumpkin Spiced craze gone loco!


Pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin cookies were once the classic sign that Fall is upon us! Though, today, the “signs” of the season are vastly different. The phenomenon is known as the “pumpkin spice craze” and it has gone completely loco!

The truth behind the popular flavor of Fall


Pumpkin spice flavoring is added to nearly everything these days. The products are not only expanding but they are being put on the store shelves earlier and earlier with every passing year. But, what is the truth behind this flavoring? Well, it seems that most of the pumpkin spice flavored items are not flavored with pumpkin at all! In fact, the well-known pumpkin spice flavor is nothing more than a combination of popular spices used in a pumpkin pie mix. These spices include nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger cloves, and allspice.

Pumpkin Spiced products on the market today

●     Lattes, coffee and creamers
Dunkin Donuts pumpkin and pumpkin spiced flavored coffee grounds

Dunkin Donuts pumpkin and pumpkin spiced flavored coffee grounds. The coffee shop franchise makes these coffees to sell fresh, or you can even buy the grounds and brew them in your home. Starbucks is another coffee shop franchise that brews coffee, lattes and other beverages in the pumpkin spice flavoring.

If you only wish to add flavor to your coffee cup and not the full pot, you may consider a pumpkin spice creamer. Coffee-Mate is one of the most popular brands for this flavor but you can also make a syrup at home! (recipe can be found at

●     Baked goods “chips”

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Nobody! But, how do you feel about pumpkin spice chip cookies? Nestle Toll House has created these baking truffles to be added to cookies, brownies, and various other Fall-inspired recipes.

●     Junk food

Pumpkin spice flavored cinnamon rolls have been developed by Pillsbury Grands! They are a limited edition, so if you truly love pumpkin spiced everything you should get yours now!

Hostess has gotten on the pumpkin spice bandwagon by producing the Pumpkin Spice Twinkies! These too are limited edition! sells a pumpkin pie flavored popcorn in various quantities from 2 cups to 144+ cups.


Kellogg’s has introduced pumpkin spice frosted mini-wheats as well as pumpkin spice flavored Special K!


General Mills also created pumpkin spice flavored Cheerios that are sure to be a big hit!

●     Home decor and health products

These items are likely only pumpkin spice scented as adding flavor would probably not enhance the product for the consumer.

Pumpkin spice scented candles have been around for quite a while now, although their popularity has grown substantially. They are sold in nearly every department store and candle store that you can think of.

Pumpkin spice scented cleaning supplies have been developed by Mrs. Meyer’s brand of cleaning products. The set includes hand soap, dish soap, multi-surface cleaner, and a candle.

There is even a pumpkin spice scented aftershave made by Uncle Jon’s that is sure to entice the men!

●     Downright weird items

Finally, pumpkin spice flavored products have expanded into some pretty weird foods and one of them even got your furry friends involved!

Most of us have heard of pumpkin bread which can be made at home with fresh or canned pumpkin. However, Pepperidge Farm has started selling Pumpkin Spice Swirl bread for a limited time!

By now you have likely heard the breaking news that, yes, even Spam has joined the pumpkin spice craze! They have become so popular and limited that you can buy them on eBay for $22.94!


Possibly one of the oddest pumpkin spice flavored things is the popular Greenies Dog treats that are meant to help your dog clean his teeth. It seems to me that if it wasn’t clear that pumpkin spice has taken over the Fall season, it certainly is clear now! You can buy these dog treats at for about $15.99. And with that, bring on Autumn and everything Pumpkin Spiced!

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Bailey Woodean
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