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Restaurant – Pizzeria PRONTO Vrutok, Macedonia

There are so many restaurants and pizzerias in Macedonia that it is hard to decide where to go for a good dinner or lunch. But from so many, I can say that only 20% can deliver authentic, unique and amazing service. So, if you want to have a special dinner with someone you love, with your family, friends or just all by yourself you have to do research about the place you pick. We also trust more recommendations that we get from people we know then online reviews. This makes it impossible to choose.

Pronto Restaurant

If you are coming to Macedonia keep one thing in mind; choose a place to eat that is not that much in the open, like in the center in the city. All good restaurants are a bit further from the city but you will know that no matter what you order you will get a mouthwatering meal.

There was one restaurant that I didn’t have the chance to visit., Restaurant – Pizzeria PRONTO. It is located in the city of Gostivar in the village of Vrutok. I decided to take my family there who just arrived in Macedonia. From others, I knew that the service and the food are amazing, but still, it was a decision that I hoped I won’t regret.

Pronto Restaurant

The restaurant and the surroundings were amazing; quite and fresh air definitely a place to be. When I got the Menu I saw dishes that most restaurants and pizzerias in Macedonia have, traditional. We placed our order and waited for the food. I was so on edge, which I thought hours have passed until they brought the food. But once I saw it I was surprised. First, the presentation caught my eye. The piece of meat that I order wasn’t served on a regular plate. It was served in a cast iron plate and the meat was still sizzling in front of me. Not to forget the smell, delicious. Well, the taste is hard to describe, but it was definitely something I haven’t tried for a long time. 

Pronto Restaurant

This restaurant serves many dishes including rolled and stuffed meat (which I ordered), ribs, many different kinds of pizza, homemade cheese, breadsticks that melt in your mouth, fish baked in a dish covered with dough… amazing! The best part is not as expensive as you would expect for service and food as they offer.

I am sharing with you images that will show you just a few of the magical dishes from Restaurant – Pizzeria PRONTO Vrutok Macedonia.

Pronto Restaurant
Pronto Restaurant
Pronto Restaurant
Pronto Restaurant

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