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Rice pudding recipe is extremely delicious.

A delicious, simple dessert food with vanilla and cinnamon flavors that’s great for the holidays and chilly nights in front of the fire.

Rice pudding evokes a sense of nostalgia in me. Something absolutely amazing about its creamy simplicity, which is both heartwarming and stomach warming. It’s one of those sweets that’s wonderful to have simmering away on the stove in the fall and winter, and it’s created with a basic list of ingredients that call for cupboard staples.

Although it is a popular meal in many areas of the world, the traditional form differs depending on where you live.

Rice pudding is undoubtedly already a favorite of yours if you enjoy creamy and delectable sweets. And if you’ve never tried it, we’ve got some helpful hints and delectable dishes to tempt you.

So how to make the perfect rice pudding? You can find many web pages on this subject in search engines. One of the best ones I’ve found is

Now let’s take a look at the article we’ve compiled:

What is Rice Pudding?

Rice pudding is a dessert prepared with rice, water, or milk, and spices like cinnamon, vanilla, and raisins. Desserts and meals are both served with variations. It is frequently mixed with a sweetener like as sugar when served as a dessert.

It’s simple to make: just combine all of the ingredients in a baking dish and bake.

If you restrict your portion sizes and consume mostly nutritious meals the rest of the day, this dessert may be part of a balanced diet.

To ensure a delicious Rice Pudding must be full of the following ingredients.

Preparation takes about 5 minutes.

It’s also extremely cost-effective, as it only requires a few components!

  1. The Rice

The best rice for rice pudding

Because rice is the major ingredient in this dish, the type of rice you choose is critical to the final result.

Uncooked long-grain or short-grain white rice can be used in this recipe, but not uncooked brown rice, which requires more cooking liquid than white rice. If you’re starting with cooked rice, though, you can use either white or brown rice. Jasmine rice has a lovely flowery flavor, and it’s my go-to rice for rice pudding.

Basmati rice releases its starch, resulting in a creamy, somewhat firm texture that is ideal for rice pudding.

Rice pudding can’t be made using brown rice since it’s too hard.

Risotto rice (arborio rice) is equally as tasty, but it requires a little more liquid and takes a little longer to prepare.

Short grain white rice or jasmine rice are good options if you want rice that is soft but not mushy. It must be uncooked rice.

Cooked rice doesn’t have the same creamy texture as uncooked rice, and the texture of uncooked rice isn’t as appealing – it’s either firm or mushy, and you can’t get the exact soft texture you want for rice pudding.

  1. Milk ( coconut milk) 

Any type of milk will work, however, the creamier the results will be if the fat content is higher. Do you want to eat a dairy-free or vegan diet? You may also use canned coconut milk, but be aware that the flavor will be very strong (or try the subtler stuff found in boxes). If you’re starting with uncooked rice, use 4 cups milk; if you’re starting with cooked rice, use 3 cups.

  1. Sugar:

If you want it sweeter, start with 1/3 cup granulated sugar and add more at the end. Play experiment with brown sugars or liquid sweeteners, but start with a few tablespoons and adjust as needed.

  1. Cream

Just a bit, mixed in at the end to provide a slight richness to the texture while also lightening the sauce (it comes out a bit brown from the cinnamon). Substitute butter for the oil – it has a same effect. 

  1. For Flavor:

Vanilla, almond, rosewater, orange blossom water, and pandan extract are some of the flavors used. The traditional form is sugared and seasoned with cinnamon.

  1. Add Dried Fruits

Rice pudding is enhanced by the inclusion of raisins, chopped dried apricots, and even chopped dry mango. Add dried fruits in the last ten to fifteen minutes of cooking if you want softer textures. If you like your fruit to have more texture and chew, add it at the end of the cooking process.

Popular in Rice Pudding

While the fundamental meal is quite simple, as I previously stated, different styles may be found in different areas. Some recipes call for additional water, while others call for evaporated and/or condensed milk. The sugar and seasonings are also different.

  1. German Rice Pudding
German Rice Puding Resibrei

When served with extra fruit, apple sauce, or fruit compote, this delightful German take on it produces a creamy and deliciously sweet dish that may be enjoyed for breakfast, snack, lunch, or supper.

  1. Creamy Portuguese Rice Pudding (Arroz Doce)
Arroz Doce
Portuguese rice pudding arroz doce with cinnamon and lemon

Arroz Doce, while not traditional, is a popular Portuguese delicacy that children who grew up with compare to an ice cream cone. It’s usually served cold, although some individuals prefer it slightly warm or at room temperature.

Arroz Doce is created using a short-grain rice (such as arborio rice) that is cooked slowly and is creamier than the restaurant version. It is also seasoned with lemon peel.

  1. Thai Rice Pudding
Thai Rice Pudding

Thai rice pudding is delicious, nutritious, and healthful. This classic dish, which should be served warm, may be part of your breakfast with fresh fruit on top, or a delicious dessert with marinated berries. Sweet rice (also known as sticky or glutinous rice) is sweetened with coconut milk, brown sugar, and warm spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and star anise in this famous Thai delicacy.

The recipe for mango sauce, which has a tropical fruit flavor and is ideal for summer.

  1. British Rice Pudding
British rice puding

For decades, this simple dish has been a mainstay of English dinners.

Short-grain rice, comparable to risotto rice, is excellent for a rich and creamy meal; it also works well as pudding rice.

Classic British toppings like roasted rhubarb, poached pears, or high-quality jam can be added to your handmade rice pudding. Try caramel sauce, amaretto cherries, or cinnamon and raisins instead of the traditional ingredients.

It takes 2 1/2 hours to cook and 15 minutes to stand after taking it out of the oven.

  1. Spanish Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche)
Spanish rice puding
Creamy rice pudding with cinnamon in bowl on white marble table. Typical Spanish dessert

The rice is cooked with only a little water and mostly milk in the Spanish version, then seasoned with lemon and cinnamon. The cinnamon lends a lovely warmth, while the lemon brings a pleasant freshness to the dish.

Arroz with Leche literally translates to “rice with milk,” but it’s actually a thick rice pudding that everyone cooks differently.

The most common ingredients are lemon peel and cinnamon sticks, although other recipes also include wine, extra spices, orange peel, and even a coating of caramelized sugar on top.

This traditional Arroz with Leche dish is popular in Spanish families. It’s creamy and sweet, with a hint of lemon. It’s a simple dish that may be served hot or cold. Leftovers are great for breakfast.

Other improved Rice Budding varieties such as.

Vegan Rice Pudding, Coconut Milk Rice Pudding, Banana Rice Pudding, Lemon grass- coconut rice pudding, Creamy rice pudding with cardamom and almonds, Chilled banana and pistachio rice pudding..ect..

How to Make and Serve Rice Pudding


  • 1 cup white rice, long or medium grain
  • 3 to 4 cups milk
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 vanilla 
  • 1 tablespoon butter 
  • 1/2 cup cream
  • 1/2 cup raisins, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon


  1. Combine the rice and milk in a measuring cup.

In a large pot, combine 1 cup uncooked short-grain or long-grain white rice and 3 cups cooked rice. For uncooked rice, use 4 cups milk; for cooked rice, use 3 cups milk.

  1. Toss in the seasoning.

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt and 1/3 cup granulated sugar Scrape the seeds from 1/2 vanilla bean and add the seeds and pod to the pot if using vanilla bean. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla bean paste if using. Add any extras you like.

  1. Reduce to a low heat after bringing to a low boil.

Bring the mixture to a boil and stir the rice to keep it from sticking.

  1. Simmer for until the rice is tender.

Reduce the heat to a low level and cook, uncovered, until the rice is very soft and the sauce begins to thicken, about 20 to 22 minutes for uncooked rice and 10 to 12 minutes for cooked rice.

  1. Combine the butter and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl.

Remove from the heat and, if preferred, whisk in 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla essence and 1 tablespoon unsalted butter until melted. If necessary, remove the vanilla bean pod.

  1. Rice pudding is ready to be served.

As the rice pudding cools, it will thicken even more. If preferred, thin with additional milk and serve warm or cold.

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