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If you tend to rush to work without eating, health wise, you should know that breakfast is a meal you shouldn’t miss.  According to, the average bedtime for adults is between 10 pm and 12 am and according to, the most common wake up time is between 6 am and 6:30 am.  This means that from possibly 10 pm to 12pm the next day, your body could go without food.   According to, those who skip meals could possibly suffer lower dopamine levels than those who don’t skip.  In other words, if you miss breakfast may not be as motivated mentally or emotionally to tackle your schedule for the day.

You see, dopamine can make you feel accomplishment, we all know that when it comes to work that it helps a lot to be motivated!  No one loves dragging through their work day, it seems never-ending and miserable.  How cool is it that your body automatically produces dopamine after breakfast? Our bodies know what we need; pretty amazing right?  Even if the enthusiasm doesn’t come immediately, it will do the job eventually.

We understand that there is more than one reason why breakfast isn’t a high priority for people, and perhaps one common reason is that some people feel sluggish after eating breakfast.  This point brings us to the next one; what you eat is as important as eating at all.  While there are a choice few who will feel sluggish after eating breakfast no matter what they eat, sometimes it’s that our bodies struggle to process the foods that we eat.

No, not everyone has the discipline of a fitness trainer.  We get it.  Frankly, it can be difficult to find something quick and convenient that’s filling and good for you.  We can help you with that! Here are a few simple and tasty options to think about, so that you can start your day off right?

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Eating a cereal that is packed with vitamins and nutrients, can make for a beautiful start in your day.  Quinoa, for instance, could be a great option.  Not only is quinoa a superfood, but when cooked right, it can be eaten like a hot cereal.  If you’re not a quinoa person, there are other grains out there that you can lightly sweeten and get the protein and energy you will need to make a dent in your action item list.

Eating a cereal that is packed with vitamins and nutrients, is how you can start your day successfully!

Quinoa, for instance, is not only a superfood, but it can be eaten like a hot cereal.  If you’re not a quinoa person, there are other grains out there that would work nicely. You can creatively mix and match, and even a gluten-free oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring.  To really load on the nutrients, you can add a bit of ground flax seed, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. for an incredibly healthy, and complete breakfast.  You can also mix ground flax in your oatmeal or cream of rice, or cream of wheat for added nutrition.  There are a lot of variations to explore! How about a version of peaches and “cream” could be made with vanilla almond milk, peaches and a little sweetener? Yum!  You can also mix it up by adding healthy nuts, craisins, raisins and fresh fruit. If you know about overnight oats, you know that you can prep your breakfast the night before for a super easy and super quick prep. If your concerned about the texture your fruit will be in the morning you can puree your fruit and add it to your oatmeal right before you dive in! Sweeteners should also be considered; and out of all the options available, we know that sugar should be the last one. Raw honey, stevia, or agave are pretty popular choices.  Breakfast cereals can give you the boost your body needs so that you can put a dent in your action item list.


Fruit and yogurt parfaits are commonly known as a snack that’s easy to make and easier to love. If you desire to amp-up the health factor in your breakfast this is a great pick!  For starters, we should take another look at yogurt.  Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, you may want to think twice about dairy overall.

 According to Kimberly Snyder’s book “The Beauty Detox Solution”, lactose is not optimal for human digestion.  Your tummy will thank you when you swap-out your regular yogurt for your lactose-free yogurt.  It’s not only beneficial to look for the lactose-free yogurt but the non-GMO, no added sugars, no dyes, etc.  Though it is rarer, you can also use goat milk yogurt, which is a step above cow milk.  You may already be aware of the coconut and almond milk yogurts available as well.  To assemble, you can add what you like, fresh fruit or fresh fruit puree, along with a moderate amount of sweetener if necessary topped with your choice of granola, or nuts, however you like it.  Fortunately, you can make these overnight as well.


Smoothies need no introduction; they are very nutritious., and thankfully are sold in many variations.  Prefer to eat light, this may be a good option. Not only are some so tasty, it seems almost impossible for them to be so healthy for you, they are extremely convenient. 

It is however, important to mention that for the healthiest option, you would want to choose one that is low on sugar.  Fruit is healthy, but it is good only in moderation, so make sure whatever recipe you choose to make at home, or order in route, be sure to clarify that it has a good balance of veggies like, kale, spinach, and/or carrot to balance things out.

Why not kale?  Kale is a superfood, super-star!  Though it is bold alone, it tends to blend well with other ingredients. 

If you’ve dodged the smoothie wave, don’t be discouraged. Always keep in mind that most places are willing to help you make a smoothie your own, meaning you can add sweetness to make them more to your liking.  If you’re not sure where to start, Green Smoothies have reigned supreme as they can be tasty and loaded with health benefits, just make sure to sample.  If you want to make sure your breakfast is extra filling, you can also make a smoothie bowl, which is as it sounds a bowl that is full of blended smoothie ingredients, only it is topped with your choice of toppings.  This is sure to give you a morning boost!

Skipping breakfast may not seem like such a big deal; when you think about all the time demands, the convenient less healthy options to choose from.  However, it is possible to eat an easy, nutritious breakfast! Not only can you make something out of convenience, but breakfast has much more to offer.   Improved brain health, which means better ability to process, problem-solve, and focus.  You are what you eat, so be sure to eat something that is healthy so that you can help you rise and shine!

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