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Santorini Greek Grill Kirkland Washington

When I was growing up, I went to a school near downtown Kirkland Washington, and I would find myself going off-campus for lunch a lot. It was never a rule that we had to stay on campus during school lunch, as long as we returned on time. I may have been late a few times, or more than a few. I would find myself meeting up with one of my closest gal friends to get Greek food nearby. We would chat for an hour over a prepared dish. Even in school, I was a lover of good food, and I enjoyed anyone’s company over a well-prepared meal.

What To Try At The Greek Grill

I am so happy that this place is open, and continues to do well in Kirkland. I know, right now, many stores have closed, and things are rocky. You may be scared to go into Kirkland, but I assure you anyone open knows the importance of being safe at all times. Here are the things you need to try when you need something besides home-cooked food.

greek grill

Lamb/Beef Gyro

In Greece, gyro meat usually consists of a type of pork; however, in America, a gyro is the meat we use that is a mix of lamb and beef. I never knew this before going into that grill, so unless you get a specific type of meat, a gyro sandwich will always be lamb and beef mixture. This is a stunning dish; they will shave the meat right in front of you and put it directly on your flatbread once it is all prepared. This is a huge meal, and it can easily be cut in half and split between two people.

Gyro Salad

This dish involves them shaving the meat on the plate in front of you once again. There is a mixture of meat and veggies in the form of a feta salad. There are slices of pita bread and dip you can eat. My favorite is mixing it all, so you get the flavors of everything in one bite.

Falafel Plate

Now, before I was eating Greek food, I had no idea what Falafel was. It is not meat though sometimes it can look like it; this type of food is made from mashed cooked chickpeas or garbanzo beans. It is mixed with spices and fried up or baked to taste delicious. Some of it can have a little spicy kick; others are tame and tasty. This dish at the Greek grill comes with six falafel balls, slices of pita bread, and a side of feta salad.

Now when you head into this place, be aware that it is very tiny, and if you go during a rush you may not find a place to sit. However, across the street there is a public park, you can grab something to go, and have a picnic by the waterfront. It is one of my favorite places to eat their Greek food, especially on a summer day. I am a huge fan of long casual lunches where you can catch up and rant about life to your closest friend, and nothing beats doing this over shared food. Santorini Greek Grill has never disappointed me, and they continue to bring my friends and me closer together.

It is a local mom and pop shop that has been open for years, I went here before school, during school, and will continue to show my love and support for them as long as they are open. I do not doubt that everyone who wanders by needs to stop in for a quick bite to eat, but take it to go and enjoy the meal somewhere beautiful.

Santorini Greek Grill
address106 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98033, United States
telephone+1 425-822-0555

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