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Shrimp Scampi Fritta Recipe

Sogbanmu Mary
Sogbanmu Mary
I have been a freelance writer for more than 3 years. This has been an avenue for me to share my love language which is food. Cooking in the kitchen is more than a hobby to me because l love every aspect involved and l would love to spread my culinary knowledge with others. This is why l have written these articles to encourage enthusiastic food lovers like me. By sharing these tested recipes, you can achieve your own desired food right in the comfortable of your home.
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Everyone loves a good appetizer. In fact that is one of the most exciting part of eating out—in a restaurant. Yes! You get to be served an appetizer that stimulates your appetite. Shrimp Scampi Fritta doesn’t just stimulate your appetite, it also makes you feel giddy about the main course. It’s like getting ready for a rollercoaster ride.

Shrimp Scampi Fritta is one of my most sort after appetizers by the olive gardens. I don’t mean to be too forward but olive gardens serves the best Shrimp Scampi Fritta. This fried shrimp is so good that you may as well decide to fill up on it and forget about the main course. Shrimp Scampi Fritta is basically a nicely battered shrimp that is deep fried, and served with a luscious butter sauce.

The olives garden serves this appetizer in two different flavors: the spicy and classic flavor. They have different taste respectively. This is where it gets exciting, because you get to choose your flavor—what you are in the mood for. The classic Shrimp Scampi Fritta is basically shrimp coated with garlic and white wine butter sauce and is not spicy at all. Lemons are usually added for extra flavor. The spicy flavor on the other hand is fried shrimp sprinkled with sweet chili pepper sauce.

You might be thinking you have to go all the way to the olives garden to get a test of this amazing appetizer but you’re mistaken. You can make in the comfort of your home and indulge your cooking instinct. In this article, I will be giving you a recipe to make homemade Fritta with ingredients within your reach at home.


¾ Fresh or frozen shrimp

2 cups of Cornstarch as thickener

½ cup of white wine

7 slices of Lemon

1 cup of diced unsalted Butter

Finely chopped Onion (quantity depends on you)

Parsley (if available)


Vegetable oil


1. Heat a medium sized pan, add 4 to 5 spoons of vegetable oil and allow to heat at a temperature of about 350oC.

2. Before dredging shrimp in cornstarch, make sure you have drained the shrimps of water whilst leaving them a little moist so that the cornstarch can stick. After making sure of that, dredge your shrimp in the cornstarch and allow to set for a few minutes. The part with enough of the cornstarch is the crispiest.

3. The shrimps should be fried in small batches to prevent them from sticking together. Make sure the vegetable oil is just enough to deep fry them. Deep fry the coated shrimp until it is golden brown.

4. Drain fried shrimp on a wire rack to remove any excess oil until it is ready for use.

Shrimp Scampi Fritta Recipe


1. Heat a heavy-bottomed pan and add the wine, vinegar and finely chopped onions. Use medium-low heat in cooking the mix until the liquid in it has been reduced to the minimum.

2. Add the diced unsalted butter and stir in the mix until the butter is completely melted.

3. Add salt, white pepper, lemon slices and parsley (if available) and then stir continuously for an even mix. In case of the spicy Shrimp Scampi Fritta add any available chili pepper sauce. Quantity depends on how spicy you like your food.

4. Serve Fried coated shrimp on a plate and drip in the shrimp scampi sauce.

Another fun thing about this appetizer is that it can be eaten alone as lunch, if you’re going for a light lunch. It can also be eaten alongside pasta, which is equally as good. Try this recipe today and don’t wait till your friends tell you about it.

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