Woodward Canyon Winery (6/10)

    Woodward Canyon

    Founded in 1981 by Rick Small and Darcey Fugman-Small, Woodard Canyon is the second oldest winery in the Walla Walla Valley. A pioneering Washington State winery, Woodward Canyon is known for producing consistent, age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon. An independent, multigenerational, family owned and operated winery, Woodward Canyon sustainably farms 41 acres of Estate Vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley and sources grapes from some of the state’s most celebrated vineyards. Woodward Canyon’s tasting room is open daily, and wines are distributed both nationally and internationally.

    Woodward Canyon Winery is named after Woodward Canyon, a small canyonapproximately 3 ½ miles northwest of Lowden, WA. The canyon was settled by A.P. Woodward and was named after him. Woodward Canyon is where Rick Small’s family had their home and farm, and it is now home to the Woodward Canyon Estate Vineyard. Nelms Road intersects Woodward Canyon Road at the Estate Vineyard.

    Owners: Rick Small, Darcey Fugman-Small, Jordan Dunn-Small, Sager Small and Kevin Mott

    Winemaker: Kevin Mott

    11920 W. Highway 12
    Lowden, WA, 99360

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